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New year‘s resolutions… and what happened to them (part2)

Date: 02 February 2020
Author: Sarah
Position: somewhere between Panama and Cuba
Geographical Position: 11° 59‘ 2N/ 081° 31‘ 1W
Etmal: 26nm

Anmerkung: dieser Tagesbericht ist die Fortsetzung eines Berichts vom 01.01.2020, den man HIER nochmal nachlesen kann.

Sooo, today is the day you have all been waiting for…

The big revelation to see whether our 5 candidates have made their plans for the new year become reality or not. I’d suggest we head right into it and check what happened during the last month.


Sadly, there is no good start to this. Our first participant Jonas reached his goal to play less video games but he discovered the world of action movies instead.. Now everyone has to decide by themselves whether this counts or not, but I’d say no….


She was the next person on the list and successfully reached her goal which was to do more sports. It was made easy to her because on the land programe in Costa Rica, we had free entrance to a sports club there, wich was pretty fancy by the way. So congratulations to Lea, you made it 😊.

surfing into the new year


As the third guy on this list, Ben’s plan was to pay more attention in classes. Because it was to hard for me to decide whether he achieved his goal or not, I asked Ruben (a friend of mine). In his opinion, Ben did a great job during the last month, so let’s leave it like that.


From my point of view, Florett is the winner of this game. She started her plan to do things directly right on the first of January and did not stop until today. I can tell that it wasn’t always easy but she managed her way even through the biggest challenges and never lost the motivation. That truly is an achivment to be proud of…

student at the mast of a sailing ship


The last person on this list is Carl. Carl’s plan for 2020 was to enjoy the time in Costa Rica and here on board. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we enjoyed the last few weeks very much! Even though many of us were sick (including myself), we had such a great time and were able to experience so many wonderful things.

new year new friends - students at a sailing ship

End of the experiment

That‘s how I want to end this experiment. I know the year 2020 has just started , but I think that there are so many places and things for us left to discover and trying to enjoy them as much as we can is the best way to have a great time. Beside that I think that this shouldn’t only be a goal for this year, but for all oft he following to!

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