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Niki- our new Medic

Date: 17.12.2020
Author: Viktoria
Position: On our way to Curacao
Nautical Position: 16°03,2 N; 063°26,4 W
Etmal: 114 NM

We had a few changes in the crew in Antigua and got four new crewmembers. One of them is Niki. She will be our medic until Costa Rica. Dominic, our medic before, is now on his way to Australia. We had a great time with him and wish him all the best!

Schülerin beim Unterrichten
Viktoria beim Unterrichten

Niki is 31 years old and was born in Kent, UK, near London. She has two sisters, one is older, one is younger and lives now in Bristol, UK. Her favourite colour is orange and she really likes monkeys. In her free time, she enjoys meeting her friends, cooking and skiing. She also loves travelling and already visited 35 countries. Her favourites were New Zealand and Mexico, because of the countryside and the Mexican food, culture and lifestyle. After finishing school, she studied Medicine at the Edinburgh University for six years.

Vier neue Crewmember
Our four new crew members: Engineer Patrik, Medic Niki, Bosun’s Mate Jo and 2nd Officer Ali

This was her dream, after a work experience at a hospital. Apart from that, she is very interested in biology and science. After leaving the university, she started working in the “Accident and Emergency” at a Hospital and is now changing the Hospital every year. There she met Rose as well, who was our medic for the first month. She was the one, who told her about Ocean College and when Niki heard that they still needed a Medic, she applied for the job. Her first impression of the ship was: ”Wow, it´s such a pirate ship, sailing is great!” The things she likes most so far is the climbing, the fact that everything is new and the atmosphere. What she doesn´t like is the seasickness, but she is very impressed by everyone going aloft.

Since her family is reading this blog as well, here is a short message from her: “Hello to all my friends and family. I wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year!”

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to my brothers Martin and David, my parents and the rest of my family. Best regards to all of my friends and my class 10b, I hope you´re having a great time.

Viktoria beim Tagebuchschreiben

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