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Nikolaus on the Pelican

Date: 06th December 2022​​​​​​​​
Author: Paul​​​​​​​​​​​
Position: Atlantic Ocean ​​​​​​ ​ ​
Nautical Position: 16°02.7N 033°20.0W​​​​​​​ Etmal: 3729 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

The Murder Game

This morning during the ship`s company meeting, our First Mate Simon told us that the so called “Murder Game” would start now.

Everyone, except the Captain, took a little piece of paper with a victim, a weapon and a location. Of course, the murder game is not about killing people in real life but just the possibility to entertain us while we cross the Atlantic.

During the game we are supposed to hand a certain object to a certain person at a certain location. If they accept whatever it is, they are dead and their task is handed over to their murderer. The start of the game was followed by a lot of mistrust among us.

During lunch the galley team was not able to hand out the food because everyone was afraid to die. Directly after lunch Matti was the first person to be killed by Anna, with a package of butter in the green mile. Afterwards Leander, Thea and Anna as well died and were added to our newly opened “Pelican Grave Yard”.

Dancing Lessons

As already mentioned in earlier daily reports we will have a ball in the middle of the Atlantic. And what goes hand in hand with a ball? Of course, some snacks and fortunately dancing.

Therefore, we had some dancing lessons before on the well deck, which was very uncomfortable because our Pelican was moving and because of the main mast, the well deck had not so much space. But most of us had a lot of fun and hopefully learned some new dancing skills.

Nikolaus on the Pelican

Today is the 6th of December and some people already have Christmas feelings. Nevertheless, it’s a bit hard imagining presents, snow, and X-mas trees when you are under the burning sun in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Yesterday, the watchleaders as well as some others had the idea that everyone could write a Nikolaus letter for another person. In the following, one could spot people writing letters everywhere. Today these letters were handed out before our dancing lesson and everyone was very happy about their letters. Some wrote a little poem or had other nice ideas, so that everyone had a very creative letter.

Even the crew and the teachers participated although Nikolaus seems to be a German thing. Ships rumors have it that there are different tales about the beginning and creation of the Nikolaus tradition. Everybody seems to know something but no one is quite sure.

All in all I am sure the whole pelican crew had another great day on the Atlantic Ocean. It is always nice to see the professional crew, teachers and watchleaders coming up with new ideas so we don’t get bored on our three-week crossing.

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