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Date: 21.12.2020
Author: Marie
Position: close to Curacao
Nautical Position: 14° 38,8 N 065° 27.8 W
Etmal: 144
Nautical Miles done: 6272

Schülerinnen beim Keksebacken

I explain with the letters of Ocean College what this journey is about and I give you some background information.

Overwhelming sunsets, sunrises, countries and nature

Crossing the Atlantic was a big experience. Climbing up to the yards to set sails was a good change during the crossing.

English is important. We have to speak it during the watch and if we want something from the crew because they only speak English. Because of that we all are getting better in English. If you speak German in front of a crew member you have to be careful because they understand more German than you think. Remember learning by doing.

Abbies food is good. If we have fresh vegetables her food is really good. Every day 3 persons of the voyage crew are in the galley and help her to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, we cut vegetables, meat and a lot of garlic and onions. For the onions we have skiing goggles so we don’t have to cry. The best part of the day is to make the desert. Then we wash everything. At the end of the day we have an extra shower day, which is marvellous. A special thing is that we are allowed to whistle in the galley, but only there.

Night watches can be really hard when you are tired but now, we have music on watch. So everybody is more motivated. At the moment we listen to Christmas songs to have more of a Christmas atmosphere.

Captain Chris has a good humor and is relaxed. Sometimes he makes jokes. For example he went up the stairs from the well deck to the poop deck. He stumbled and I and some other people saw that too. So he decided to say: “I only checked the stairs” In the moment it was so funny. The whole voyage crew likes him.

Old stories from the permanent crew can be really interesting. Sometimes I feel a little bit scared when they talk about pirates.

Land program is like holiday. We all love shore leave to go shopping, eat different food and get the phone for calling home. It is interesting to see other people and explore different countries.

Learn and work together as a team. One time the teachers teach and help you, but sometimes it is you who explains them some new sailing stuff.

Eat when you can, sleep when you can and work when you have to. This is the ship slogan and you have to remember it all the time. I especially need much more sleep here than at home. The crew often reminds us not to forget to sleep.

Going to Ocean Collage was a good choice because you develop yourself. You learn why team work is so important and I would say you appreciate your home more.

Enjoy sail handling. Most of all if it happens during school time, because then you have less school.

Happy birthday from Lorn to his oldest sister Jara.
Have a good Christmas time to my family, friends and to my boyfriend. I love you

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