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One day before the Atlantic

Date: 28.1.22
Author: Julian
Position: In front of the Panama canal
Geographical Position: 08°72,8’ N 079°37,8`W
Etmal: 8487

My day started at 5:40 am when I heard Ann, who woke me up for anchor watch. When I got up, the sun was already shining and I realized that we are finally in the anchorage before the Panama channel. We arrived yesterday at 11:40 p.m., and we dropped the anchor at 11:52 p.m. If you are wondering why I know these times, you should know that I am in Cabin 11a and in this Cabin you always wake up if something happens with the anchor.


After I was done with anchor watch, I went to breakfast. Today we got fresh Banana bread from Kester, which was awesome, because it tasted delicious. Then I went to bed, because I wanted to get some sleep, but as I was nearly asleep, there was an announcement: “Bing bong. Important Announcement. We are changing clocks, it’s not 8:00
o’clock anymore its now 9:00 o’clock. Okay okay, I changed my watch, I finally went to bed, I was nearly asleep. “Bing bong. Mooring operations on the Welldeck, that’s Mooring operations on the Welldeck for everyone who feels well“. Yeah…. I went upstairs where we got the orders to put eight Mooring lines out. Well, it just took half an hour. But then when Michi and I went inside again, Jo catched us and told us we have to brace. 10 Seconds later “Bracing stations Bracing stations, that’s all available hands to Bracing stations“.

Fine. I went outside again and we braced the Yards sharp to port. I went down to my cabin, 10 Minutes later “Bing bong: Ships company meeting on the welldeck“. After the meeting there was first sitting lunch. It was delicious. Noodle soup with sweetcorn.


Today, Michi offered the opportunity to help him “destroying“ his Obsidian. Usually, the plan was to make a knife out of it, but after he hit it a few times with the hammer it broke in a few pieces. At the end, I got a lovely piece, but the problem was, that there was some dirt or sand on the Obsidian, so Michi got the great idea to put it in Bile (anscheinend Salzsäure in Englisch). Yeah, doesn’t helped so much I think, but Michi wanted to show us the reaction so he put a Shell inside. The Shell got completely destroyed that was really cool. Then I ate dinner.

After dinner

I went to the Helm, because we were waiting for the Pilot. I was waiting for 30 Minutes and then we saw the Pilot boat. Wonderful. Then the gym program started. Starboard 20, hard to Starboard, Midships, Starboard 10, Port 5, Starboard 15, and so on and so on. One time I was really confused, because I understood Port 5, but I turned Starboard 5. Luckily, Sara helped me and I went back on course again. Yeah, and that was it I think, thanks for reading! 🙂

Ich grüße Mama, Papa, Lena, Sophia, Max und Omas und Opas. Ich hoffe euch geht es gut, ich habe euch lieb und vermisse euch ganz doll <3

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