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One day of engineering with John

Date: 02.03.2021
Author: Lorn
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position: 33°29´6 N, 58°67,1 W
Etmal: 10.820 NM
Yesterday I talked to John, our engineer, about the handover after the Azores. We have to choose one job, we want to do. But my problem is, I would like to be engineer, cook or bosun. It is hard to make a decision because we have never been really involved in the engineering. I told John that this week I have a lot of time, because I have the 08 to 00 o´clock watch. He told me that I could join him this week and have a look how it is.

Lorn an Deck der Pelican

Today after the meeting I joined him. First of all, he showed me everything: How the water-maker works, the vacuum pump, the generators and the workshop. It is very interesting to see how small everything is for so many people. The water-maker hangs on the wall in a corner and is 50cm long.

Ein Teil des Maschinenraums

Then we had a look in the workshop. Everything was all over the floor, because we had a 4 meter swell. We cleaned it and then we took a look after the compressors of the air conditioning. One of them made weird sounds. Then we wanted to find out, why the second generator has so many blackouts. Maybe the fuse is broken or the generator has some problems. We will check it tomorrow. Then we tried to fix a little part of the main-engine but we had another problem, which took the rest of the day. For the rest of the week I will join him everyday. At the moment I think that I will do engineer at the handover.

Lorn im Rigg

I already learned that engineering is a lot of different things to do at once, but even then there is enough time for smokos (breaks). And I learned that everything on the Pelican is very small for so many people and it is mixed up. If something breaks, it is not always possible to fix everything as it would be ashore, because you don’t have everything available. Because of that it is sometimes just like: „Oh, this will just work like that“. We work a lot and I have so much fun with John. He is a very funny and nice guy.    

Alles Gute (nachträglich) zum Geburtstag Papa! Von Max-Eliot

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