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Only three days to go

Date: 8.12.2020
Author: Franka
Position: Mid Atlantic
Nautical Position: 17 14.5 N 058 17.5 W
Etmal: 108nm
Nautical Miles to go: 306nm
Nautical Miles done: 5597nm

Hard to believe: there were times when we wore long clothes in the galley!

After almost three weeks of crossing the Atlantic everyone is looking forward to seeing land again. I have asked every student and watch leader what they can’t wait to do when finally ashore again.

Land Ho!

Here are their answers:

  • Marta: “I’m really looking forward to eating fresh fruits and swimming at the beach.”
  • Viktoria: “I’m looking forward to eating fresh fruits and going swimming”
  • Marie: “I want to call my boyfriend and also my family and I want to eat many fruits and drink sparkling water.”
  • Lorn: “I want to call my girlfriend and my family and I want to eat a lot of food and fruits.”
  • Karun: “I’m looking forward to contact my family, to eat all the fresh fruits of the Island, I hope to get letters from home, I want to make sport on not moving ground and I want to see other colours than the blue sky and the blue water.”
  • Lara: “I’ll call my family and friends and try every fruit.”
  • Julius P: “I want to call my family.”
  • Silja: “I want to explore the Caribbean Islands and I want to go to the beach. After that I want to go to the city and buy souvenirs.”
  • Clara: “I’m looking forward to a whole night of sleep, to call my family, to eat nice food, walk without waves and go swimming, enjoy the Caribbean and have a different routine.”
  • Mia: “I’m looking forward to see some land, the nature, the regional fruits, the beaches and see the new culture.”
  • Paul: “I want to call my parents and family.”
  • Janek: “At first I want to eat Kebab.”
  • Hannes: “I’ll go to the supermarket and buy food I want to eat, then I want to go to the hairdresser.”
  • Martha: “I’m looking forward to go to the supermarket, see other people and go swimming.”
  • Annegret: “At first I want to call my family and friends at home and I’m looking forward to have save ground under my feet and no waves.”
  • Nora: “I love to go swimming again and have a day off watch and school.”
  • Cornelius: “I’m looking forward to have another routine and go swimming.”
  • Aurore: “I’m looking forward to discovering a new place and eating fresh fruits again.”
  • Manasse: “I’m looking forward to stand on land again.”
  • Malina: “I’m looking forward to go swimming, because it’s so warm and it’s a nice refreshing.”
  • Max: “I’m looking forward to the new food supplies in particular fruits and no more rolling.”
  • Lukas: “I think I will call my family, buy some new sweets, eat coconuts, bananas, go to the white beaches and eat in a restaurant.”
  • Victor: “I want to climb up a palm tree and eat a coconut.”
  • Mats: “The first thing I will do is jumping into the water and afterwards I want to eat a yoghurt with fresh fruits.”
  • Sophia B: “I’m looking forward to fresh fruits, go swimming and be able to go wherever I want.”
  • Finja: “I want to have a cold drink and chill on the beach.”
  • Sophia E: “I’m looking forward to eat fresh fruits and be ashore again.”
  • Julius M: “I want to call my parents and do a bit of walking.”
  • Fabian: “The thing I’m most exited about to have the ability to go shopping in a real market, to eat in a nice restaurant and to drink a nice cup of coffee.”
  • Kilian: “I think, to see different people and to eat in a good restaurant.”
  • Elias: “I’m looking forward to enjoy the beaches, the fruits and the tropical feeling.”
  • Caspar: “I’m looking forward to buy food, go to a Barber Shop and eat in a restaurant.”
  • And I’m looking forward to eat fresh fruits, see land again and go swimming.

Luckily we’ll arrive soon and can do what we are looking forward to.

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