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Operation in the Messroom

Date: 04.03.2022
Author: Jonathan
Position: North Atlantic
Geographical Position: 34* 15.0′ N 49* 47.2′ W
Etmal: 118 (11.818)

Start of the day

My day started with my watch from 04:00 to 08:00. The first half hour I was ridiculously tired, but Maria cheered me up. We talked with Daisy about different things. During the watch we saw a few shooting stars, because it was a cold and clear night. The time was running and at the end we saw one again. But this one was special. It didn’t want to disappear and after 20 seconds, they felt like an endless period of time, it got red and again after 10 more seconds it slowly disappeared. This was the most beautiful shooting star I had ever seen.
After this I went downstairs to have breakfast. And after we had got relieved I went straight to my bunk and slept until the ship’s company meeting.

The operation

At 11:20 Simon, our first mate, came into our room to inspect the cabin. He just said: „fine…fine“. Immediately after that we went on the well deck for the ship’s company meeting. At 13:30 school started regularly with a mix of physics and chemistry. We finished the protocol from yesterday, but we got interrupted at the end of the lesson. Marc, our Medic, said that we have to clear up a table for an operation. He told us that our bosun’s mate stabbed herself with her knife. You have to imagine the sharpness of this knife, because they have to cut ropes in emergencys. So Marc stiched the injury an she was forced to look at this. It was quite interesting to see what happens in this typ of emergency comes up.

The sustainable tourism

The pathway this evening was from Max. He’s from the economics tribe. His pathway was really good and interesting, there were very good advices to improve your own touristic behavior. It definitely made us think about our travel behavior, but I think what we’re doing now is as sustainable as possible.
In the evening, so now, many of us are in the messroom and playing games. Also we’re finishing up with our bordbook stuff, which is a lot of fun.

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