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Our blind Passenger

Date: 28.03.2023
Author: Franziska S.
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 43°08.1ˋN 018°03.2ˋW
Etmal: 12775 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Itˋs coming to an end

School is over. Even the first handover is done. Everything is getting less. The days get less. The daily reports get less. Our watches get less. Our stuff gets less: Clothes, cameras, cables. Nothing is safe on the ship. It seemed really strange to me all the time. But now I am really happy to tell you: I was able to locate the culprit. You wonˋt believe it but here is a letter from the monster that took all of our stuff.

Dear Pelican Crew,
I donˋt know how to start. Just to explain: I am an oceanblue fluffy monster with big brown eyes. My legs are pretty short but in return my belly is even bigger. This is also the reason why I need muuuucchh food to stay alive. I live in the bilges where no sunlight ever appears and only sometimes human souls dare to go into them. As soon as they appear I escape to another bilge. My favorite one is the cookˋs bilge. I have never seen anyone trying to get into it except for one time and thatˋs where my story starts. Do you all remember the time when we anchored in front of the Union Islands after the island hopping? The vacuum pump of the toilets didn’t work and everyone searched for the spare one. In all bilges. During the night. Well, I am sorry but this search was supposed to fail. This pump was my dinner a long time ago. Something else that tastes very delicious are socks. I love socks. On this ship exist so many different types of socks that it would never get boring for me if I could only eat them.
Colourful and colourless socks. Socks with stripes and socks with points. Every sock has a different cheesy taste. Some taste like cream cheese, some like gouda and cheddar.

Another big thing that might have just disappeared in your eyes is the Royal. The infamous Royal. This was my feast for Easter last year and it was more delicious than everything else I have ever eaten before. I’m sorry for you guys but I would never regret to have eaten it. You want to know, what I am drinking? Isn’t it obvious? Water of course. And yes, that is also the reason why there is sometimes such a big water consumption even if no one uses more. I am really sorry for the times when you couldn’t shower, couldn’t even wash your hands or when you had to flush the toilets with buckets full of sea water. It was really funny seeing you dunking the buckets into the sea and everyone walking around with orange buckets. But to defend myself I didn’t eat everything. The majority of clothes just don’t taste very well and that’s the reason why you find them in the box for the shipˋs laundry or in the lost and found. I’m sorry but I really don’t know what stuff belongs to which person.

Maybe we are able to meet at any time but therefore you must be fast when you are bilgediving. Because I have ever been faster until now.

Good luck.
Best wishes,
your oceanblue fluffy monster

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