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Our comfortable journey from Whitehaven to Douglas

Date: 09/08/2022
Autors: Vic and Lucia
Position: 54°32.800´N  3°37.233´W  

An eggciting morning start

As a carry on from yesterdays anouncement (that an egg drop would take place Thursday) each group started collecting ideas, preparing and even experimenting different methods.

Later on in the day (at 11:00 ish) the anchor was taken up and we started making our way to Douglas.

Coming into Douglas

Everything started calming down and the rest of the afternoon was pretty peaceful. We saw even more jellyfish and some people even saw whales (from a distance). Seeing Douglas ahead we got hope that we would be arriving soon. We were then instructed by the harbour staff to pick up our speed and then funnily enough we were told to slow down. Unfortanetly due to a ferry still in the harbour we had to wait a bit until it had left so, we could enter the harbour and secure our mooring lines.

At around 9:00 pm we had a crew meeting to inform us that tonight we would not be able to go to shore. After the meeting the lost and found box got brought out and we had a bit of a free-for-all to take any unclaimed items. We got some laughs out of the items that came out of the box, Jesper got some well needed socks and I (Vic) got a jumper and a t-shirt. All in all the brilliant weather conditions and calm sea made it a great day.

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