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Our crew (Bosun and Captain)

Date: 21.10.2020
Author: Lorn
Position: Somewhere near Portugal
Geographical position: lat 40° 39,4´ N long 10° 18,6´ W
Etmal: NM in 24h: 160NM (total 1383 NM)

Today I asked our Bosun Pete and our Captain Ben some questions about themselves, because I want to speak about the people who make this big voyage with us. And I want you at home to know what kind of people they are.

Our Bosun Pete

Pete is a very careful and lovely person. He shows us how to sail the Pelican and what we do with all the lines on the deck or on the yards. He explains us the sailor mystery and sings shanties with us. On our arrival, Johan told us we are a big family now. I would say Pete is like the grandfather. Pete was by the Royal Air Force for 30 years and sailed since around 40 years. In this time he sailed many ships, tall ships and sailing yachts. The best thing in his career was to meet the Queen of England at a garden party for services to the Royal Air Force.

My first question was: ,, Why are you on the Pelican?” And he just answered: “Because I love sailtraining and like to meet lots of new people”.

So I asked him: “Was it a dream to sail the Pelican?”. He answered: “It is a dream to sail all tall ships but the Pelican is my favourite ship because she is so beautiful”.

Every time he talks about the Pelican and sailing in general you can see a little light in his eyes.

“Why are you doing this voyage with us?”

“Because it´s my job and I am very lucky to sail for a living. It is my third Ocean College and my favourite voyage.”

“Is your job the best job?”
“Yes it is. The bosun’s position on board of a tall ship is the best position of all. Everyone wants to be a bosun but only a very lucky few get to do it.”

The funny thing is, he is talking about a job but before the interview he told me:,,It is not really a job but a hobby. I do it because I love it.”

I asked him: “What is the best story you can tell me about sailing?”
“I don´t know. There are many good stories. I will come back to you later.” … He doesn´t have a best one.

Pete told us sometimes:,, No one from the crew does the work for money. All of us do it because we love it.“

Our Captain Ben

Ben started sailing with 14 years on yachts and with 17 years was his first time on a tall ship. Before that he never thought about being paid for sailing. But when others told him that they get paid for exactly this, it was clear that he wanted to work on ships. At 19 was his first time as a bosun on a tall ship. In the next years he sailed as a bosun, second and first mate and captain. He was the first bosun on the Pelican and is now one of two permanent captains.

He has a lot of stories to tell, but the most interesting thing for him is to see how people which are completely different work together and become friends. Ben loves to work with young people and to see how they grow in this adventure. He is very proud to be a part of Ocean College and to sail also in the winter, not like the other British ships. He met his wife on a ship and normally he works for six weeks and is six weeks at home. Because for him a good balance is very important.

Story of the day

The fore watch set some sails on the fore deck. On the way back, they saw some dolphins and Clara told Alex, the media pathway specalist: ,,Look, your first dolphins!“ In this moment Alex leaned over board and puked. I would say he gave them some food, but he didn´t see the dolphins.

Greatings to my girlfriend Joline, her family and my family.

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