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Our first day with spanish classes

Date: 14.01.19
Author: Tabea
Position: Coronado, Costa Rica

My alarm clock woke me up not very gently at 06:30 am, in my opinion way too early. We had to get ready for our first day of Spanish classes. Lauryn, Tati and I enjoyed some corn pancakes with cheese that our host mum made for us, before we started our 30 minute walk to the language school Academia Tica.

Once we arrived there, we checked out the pinboard to find out with whom we were in a class. Lessons are from 08:00 till 09:40 am and 10:00 till 11:40 am. I had a total of four hours of Spanish, as I chose to have an advanced course.

All the others either had a class in the morning or after the break at 10:00 am. I‘m having the classes together with Kira M., for the first two hours we are joined by Marcel. Between the two lessons we had a short meeting in which we got to know the few other students at Academia Tica and the teachers. After that Kira M and I had another two hours of our favourite part of learning Spanish: past tenses….

Together with all Ocean College students we had lunch, which to nobody’s surprise consisted mostly of rice. Lunch was followed by another meeting, this time only us with Johannes and Niki, who made a few announcements and we played a game in which we had to say things that made us unique or that only we did.

For example, Elly said that she’d been the only one who was gifted a coke as a prize for being the first one to vomit on board the Pelican. This was almost three months ago! After the meeting we were free to go.

On our way home the three of us stopped at a supermarket to get some ice cream, where we also met some of the boys. Later, we decided to do some sports, so we went to the park and tried out the many different sport devices that are available there.

After some rather exhausting arm muscle training we went back home to watch some Netflix. As always, dinner was delicious and (of course) consisted of beans and rice with plátanos. And even after dinner we continued eating, this time it was nachos with cheese.

Mom and Dad, when I’m back home you can roll me down the stairs.
For now though it’s time to sleep because tomorrow is gonna start even earlier than today….

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