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Our first normal school day

Datum: 19.11.2022
Autorin: Emily
Position: On our way to Tenerife 
Nautische Position: 35*48.673 N 12*25.901 W
Etmal: 1334,5 sm

Trainee record books

We’re all very exited for Tenerife and hope that it will get warmer soon. But as we can see, every day is a little bit warmer than the day before. So today we were already without our oils on watch. Also, we have to start with our trainee record books, because otherwise we won’t have shoreleave in Teneriffa. The first level has to be completed when we’ll arrive in the Caribbean. For that, we have to know about some safety things on board, how to do knots, hygiene on board, etc. If we can answer the questions from the officers, they’ll sign off the points for us. 

Training Record Book
Part of the Ocean College Training Record Book

Climbing up the mast 

In the watch from 09:00-13:00 (Alpha 1), some of us had to climb up to the Bikinisails, because some of the ropes were tangled. We didn’t have that much waves, but it was the first time we did it while sailing. 

students climbing up the mast

„Lenya, how did you feel while you climbed up?“ „I wasn’t scared at all and it was amazing to see the whole ship from above.“ Lex and David had to take one of the bikinisails down completely, so it fell on deck and Martin said: “You guys took of Reginas bikini.”

First lessons while sailing

Today we had our first lessons while sailing. The sea wasn’t that rough, so we didn’t need our buckets. The second watches had school from 09:00 to 13:00. The first watches had school after lunch from 14:00 to 18:00. First we had chemistry with Florian, after that some sailing lessons with David, where he taught us about the wind and the air pressure. At the end we had a lesson with Jacob, where we worked with out trainee record books and handled out a contract, which is about how we can live together. In the evening we had a beautiful sunset. 

P.S.: Liebe Grüße an alle Zuhause: Mama und Papa, Oma und Opa und Daniel, hab euch lieb. – Emily

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