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Our new Bosun´s Mate Jo

Date: 20.12.2020
Author: Lara
Position: Somewhere in the nowhere
Geographical Position: 14°38,8N , 065°27,8W
Etmal: 144 (total: 6272NM)

Bosun`s Mate Jo
Bosun’s Mate Jo

Have you ever wondered about how our cabins and things on board get fixed?

Well, it’s the Bosun’s job. They are always there for us and help us fixing our stuff. For us they are heroes because no matter what has happened they still fix it and don’t judge about how it happened. Our first Bosun and Bosun’s mate on our voyage were Pete and Sam. Now they are both at home again and we have Simon as our Bosun and Jo is new here as Bosun’s mate.

How old are you?

I`m 24 and from Devon in the UK

Tell me something about you.

Well, I have a brother with the name Mike. I studied on the university oceanography and have some sailing significations. Before I got a part of Ocean College or the Pelican of London crew I was working in a Navy Museum in Portssmith and for two years at trinity sailing.

So working on a sailing ship was always a job of your dreams?


And have you never been seasick?

Yes I have, but only the first time after a while.

What do you like the most on board?

Lara am Steuer
Lara am Steuer

I like being aloft and the passage on the sea we are right now. In the beginning it was meeting everyone.

What food do you prefer to eat?

I like cheese and pizza with vegetables.

What is your favorite animal and what was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subjects were Geography and Maths when I got older because it`s very logical. My favorite animals are sea otters.

And what do you wanna do after Ocean College?

More sailing!

Lara mit Lehrerin Priska
Lara mit Lehrerin Priska

That was a short introduction of Jo our new Bosun`s Mate, she will be on board until Bermuda and then will be relieved from Sam again.

An meine Eltern:
Ich hab euch ganz dolle lieb, hoffe dass es euch gut geht und wünsche euch alles Gute nachträglich zu euerm Hochzeitstag!
An meine Familie und besten Freunde:
Ich hab euch auch ganz dolle lieb und ich hoffe, dass es euch gut geht.

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