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Our new home

Date: 10.11.2020
Author: Martha D.
Position: St. Cruz, Tenerife
Nautical position: 28°27,9 N ; 16°14,7 W
Etmal: 150 NM (total: 2920 NM)

We have been on the Pelican for more than one month now. It´s only natural, that she becomes kind of like a home for us. But still it is a boat and the rooms are quite different than the ones we know from our houses or buildings at home. Since you don´t know what we use or call the rooms in this home, I am going to try to explain it to you.


The only ,,private” room we get is the one we have on our bunks. So if you want something not to be touched by everyone or used by everyone you should put it into your bunks. You could say your bunk is like your bedroom at home.


Of course we have our bathrooms. Every cabin (but cabin 11) has its own. We take showers in them and we use the toilets, so they have the same use as our bathrooms at home.

Dog Kennels

We also have the dog kennels. They are like toilets on public places. You are always scared that it is plugged when you go there and you only use it when you have to. So they are basically public toilets.

Green Mile

Talking about public places, the next room is our Green Mile. I would compare it to a busy narrow street. There are always people around and you always have to wait until you can go to your own cabin. It´s like a big street with lots of traffic.

Dry Store

We also have our dry store, which we use like a supermarket. When we have galley duty and Abbie tells us to get something from there, she always sends us with a big shopping bag and it really gives you the supermarket feeling.

Mess Room

I think the mess Room is the most complicated place to talk about. We use it for everything. When we have school we use it as a classroom. When we have free time we use it as a living room to play games, read books, listen to music or just to talk with other people.
Another use of the mess room is a room where we can eat our meals. If you don´t have galley duty it is a little bit like a restaurant where you get your food served. The only weird thing about this restaurant is, that you have to bring back your plate to the kitchen.

Well Deck

You could say the Well Deck is a little bit like the school yard. You go there when you have breaks and meet people out there and have fun there. When we don’t have school, it is a little bit like a park where you go and meet your friends outside. You sit down at the picnic tables and eat something, play games or talk to your friends. Sometimes we also do sports there, but you won´t see us doing it very often. We are more into eating than into doing sports there.

Mia, Marie und Louisa


The last place I am going to talk about is the saloon, also called the VIP Lounge. Why is it called the VIP Lounge? Very simple answer… only teachers, watchleaders and the permanent crew are allowed to be there. If you are in the midnight to four watch you are allowed to have breakfast there at ten in the morning. But apart from that the students only go in there to talk to the teachers. Like in a real VIP Lounge you always feel very special when you are allowed to go in there.

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