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Date: 28.11.2020
Author: Julius P.
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position: 19° 43,8 N, 33°04,4W
Etmal: 154 NM (Total: 4237NM)

For this daily report I asked our teachers five questions about school on board, about the sailing of the Tall Ship Pelican and the seasickness on board.

What is the biggest difference between school on the Pelican and school at home?

Priska (Languages and Math):
Priska said that the biggest difference here on the Pelican is, that the relationships to the students are very different to the relationships to students at home, because you know the students much better here. She also can see better what a student has to learn.

Sven (Math, Biology, Chemistry, History):
Sven also told me, that the biggest difference is the relationship to the students.

Nicolas (Physics, Geography, Science):
Nicolas said, that the biggest difference to other schools is, that the teachers live together with the students.

Our teachers Sven, Nicolas and Priska during the hike on Tenerife

How much do you like sailing on the Pelican on a scale from 1/10?

Priska thinks of of the sailing as like a 6/10 because she was so seasick that she couldn´t enjoy the sailing on the Pelican much at the beginning of the journey. When she is feeling well, she especially loves the sunrises and sunsets.

Although Sven has never been sailing before, he rates the sailing 8/10 because he loves the silence and the nature outside at sea. In addition he loves the “old school sailing”, so with a ship like the Pelican and the many interesting jobs that need to be done.

Nicolas was sailing a lot before, so he said the sailing on the Pelican is like a 4/10 (maybe he is used to sail on high luxury yachtes :)).

one of the teachers of Ocean College
Sven at the helm

How did you manage with the seasickness?

Priska said that it was very hard at the beginning of the journey, but every day it got better. So now she can enjoy the beauty of the seas way more than in the beginning. There she only fed fishes and dolphins, instead of watching them.

Svens opinion about the seasickness: Big shit. One day he thought he was going to die. I think that shows how much he hated puking.

Nicolas never felt seasick (he is way too lucky).

teacher Nicolas in his freetime
When do you actually see your teachers like that at home?

What is your favorite job on board?

Priska likes to be on the helm, because she has the control of the whole ship and that’s a really big responsibility.

Sven likes to help the Bosuns department (manual work). Yesterday for example he helped repairing the pilot-ladder (to come from the rib on the well deck).

Nicolas likes the climbing and the evenings in the Saloon very much. 🙂

teachers and students sailing the ship together
wild hair day – teacher Priska at the helm and Nicolas talking to the Captain

Have you ever wanted to go home because the students were so annoying?

Priska never had the wish to go home because of the students.

Sven never had the wish to go home:)

Nicolas never wanted to go home but sometimes he wanted to throw some students over board 🙂 (we are lucky that this was just a joke). He enjoys teaching and being the project leader very much.

In the end our teachers are the best in the world 🙂

Alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag Claudia und herzliche Grüße an all meine Familie und an Felix, der den daily report wie immer liest:)

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