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Our way to Panama

Date: ​​​04.01.2023
Author:​​​ Philip
Position: ​​Caribbean Sea
Nautical Position:​ 12°44,0´ N 071°27,2´W
Etmal: ​​​6376 NM
Ship: ​​​Pelican of London

School started again

Today was the first school day after the Atlantic crossing and we started with the announcement for a physics exam in two days on Friday, so we used our two hours for learning. The other subject today was German with poems as a topic. There were lots of people who were really interested in it and couldn’t stop writing even after the lesson had ended.


Since Robert, our former cook, had to leave us because of his broken hand, our teacher Simon jumped in to replace him. Since Tuesday he gets up early in the morning to bake really good bread. Not directly, but after one try of making the bread he had the break through. Finally, a great bread!!!. From 08:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening the galley team worked and managed to make enough loafs of bread for breakfast and for lunch.

Costa Rica

Slowly, Costa Rica is getting more and more real for us. At the floor in the cabins are bags and backpacks everywhere and I asked some people what they are most looking forward to and they said the surf-camp as well as funny mistakes during the expedition like running in the completely false direction and generally the whole jungle expedition.

Additionally, some are not looking forward to the language school, the long bus rides and they are a little bit worried about some animals there like snakes, spiders and scorpions.

I also think it is definitely going to be a bit of a challenge to do an expedition so I asked around again and I got the answers that many people think that things like communication in Spanish and self-organization during the expedition could be the major problems.

My group consists of eight people: Simon, Leni, Anna, Sophia, Nate, Matti, Peer and me. We want to do lots of hiking and survive only with the money that we get.


Kaija gave her Pathway-presentation today. The topic of the presentation was „Plastic, Recycling and alternative green ways of Plastic Production“ such as „plastic“ made of sugarcane, a type of glue made of mushrooms which is similar to a brick when it hardens out.

Or a replacement for water bottles made of algae. I found it very interesting because we could see that there are different alternatives to plastic. She explained everything very detailed and could answer all of the questions that were asked. That impressed me because you could really notice that she had prepared herself for the presentation.

Best regards
T.S. Pelican of London

Thea: Alles, alles Gute zum Geburtstag Thilo.

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