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Our wonderful Crew

Datum: 29.11.2022
Author: Jonathan
Position: Atlantic
Nautische Position: N21°10,9 W21°
Etmal: 2386M

Because nothing extraordinary happened today so far, I decided to present our lovely sailing crew to you.


(Grandfather) Martin is the owner of the Regina Maris and by far the most experienced sailor on this trip. He is able to answer you any question that is on our mind and knows everything about the Reggie. Even though he is angry at us sometimes, we forget about it very fast. He knows many people at the stops we visit and is able to organise many things for us, as example the band at Teneriffa. Overall he is a very friendly person and supports us in any possible way. Also he is a wonderful second cook and makes awesome food for us every sunday. 


(Mommy) Lex is our first officer. He is an experienced sailor and very unique. I remember him damaging his hand while fighting with the main sail and being on watch in a t-shirt in a cold night at the north sea. As you can see he is very rough and the perfect person for a job at sea. Also (like he told the doctor) he is very crazy. When we had a party with the Pelican he pulled up in a fancy Monster-AG costume and showed us his dance-moves, which he learned in the time he was a professional dancer. We really love him and the Pelican was really jealous at us for having him in our family. 


(Daddy) David is our second officer and he is always happy. He is singing and dancing at day and during the night-watches. He motivates us with his wonderful singing voice and is our private shanty-teacher. When we try to learn something about sailing, we can always go to him and ask him our questions. He is amazing at explaining things and we love his funny and trustful way of communicating with us. His signature words are: „Super duper amazing!“  and those words also describe him very well. 


(Sister) Jo is the third officer of the boat and she has evey character trait that you could wish for. She is the most lovely person on the ship and you can have great conversations with her. Also she has an awesome sense of humor. I remember heavily laughing at her and Davids PowerPoint-Karaoke about hamsters. When we are unhappy about something we can always go to her and she tries to relate our feelings and help us. She also has great knowledge of sailing and is very good at explaining different things about the ship to us. 


(Uncle) Kester is our cook. We love his food and he is a very interesting person. When I have galley-duty I always have very long and interesting chats with him. He has experienced many things in his life and he loves sharing his storys, or his passion about cooking. Baking bread with him is a lot of fun and the bread tastes delicious. Sadly he is going to leave our ship soon, but we all hope that his retirement plan is going to be sucessful. 

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