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Overcoming Seasickness

Date: 1. October 2021
Authors: Connor, Till
Position: Delfzijl, Harbour
Geographical Position: N´53´19881 E655931
Etmal: 57 NM (total distance: 166.6 NM )

After a rough night of seasickness, we all have recovered very well. To be honest this night was not easy at all but I guess this is just a part of this journey and now we are feeling very relieved that we have overcome this challenge.

Day 7 has begun with lunch as we all had to rest after this very intensive night. After getting some food we had 4 hours watch on the poop deck which was very interesting to me as it was the first time we had seen the Ocean around the Pelican of London.

Even though the ship was still moving up and down, we slowly got used to the ocean experience and we all built up a deeper relationship and a better connection as a team.

The Ocean is a wild environment but being on the ship for such a long time was very helpful to finally understand how valuable the ocean life can be. One can hear only the sound of the waves and the wind which makes the marine life completely different than our usual everyday life in Germany. For me the first watch on the Ocean was a lifetime experience and I started to appreciate this different kind of environment.

At the end of a very long and exhausting day we have arrived in Delfzijl in the Netherlands. Everyone was glad that we were finally having a night without any rockings and a very intensive day had ended.

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