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Packing, Moving, Unpacking

Date: 25.11.2022
Author: Brian
Position: Teneriffa, Hafen
Nautical Position: N 28 27.628 W 16 14.695
Etmal: 1849.9

The Hungry planning

Today our day began with our Costa Rica planning. Although the task was quite daunting, everyone made lots of progress. Lots of people sat down on the poop deck in the beating sun to begin their research. Although the process of research escalated quickly to a very productive period, we were interrupted by the food delivery arriving.

Of course we immediately jumped up to help bring all the food onto the boat and stow all the good stuff in the benches and storage spaces. This took a while of course and as always there was a good amount of chaos involved. The mess was big, but with everyone’s help it was resolved in a timely matter.

Moving in

Once we had finished filling up the food storage it was time to continue with the planning. Lots of groups quickly progressed and as lunch came around some groups were even beginning to call some of the hostels. Since it was 13:30, it was time for lunch and we had a wonderful carrot soup with fresh bread rolls. As soon as we finished lunch the first girls left for their free shore leave, as they had already moved into their new cabins yesterday. Now it was our turn, for the boys to move out and into new cabins just as the girls did, just a day later. At first it all once again began with a huge mess out on the main deck. Every single boys belonged was pushed into boxes, bags, sacks and laid up on top. The cabins were cleared, so we began the deep-clean’s. The beds, floors and walls were wiped down and cleaned until every single corner was crispy clean. After a short break with a cold cup of water the moving in began and the chaos on the main deck slowly converted into the cabins. As the time went by it all got better as the luggage was packed into organizers and stowed under beds and cabinets, to make the cabins more ‘livable’. Towards the end of the ‘new life’, our teacher Flo bro decided to get a buzz cut out on the pier. We all agreed on the fact that it looked more than fresh. During the cut Brother Florian had to listen to his beloved Moneyboy.

Ein Retter in Not

Since our beautiful square sail had a couple small holes, we had to take it down in order too bring it to the sail fixer, although surprisingly they did not have a open slot for us, so we had to keep the sail for now. Since this did not work out Freddy showed us his expert sowing skills as he essentially fixed to whole sails for the next time to come.

The day the ended with a stressful sprint from the boys as we only got a brief Shore-leave before the Ocean College meeting and we are excited for more time tomorrow. Additionally we found out which teachers would be joining us for the Costa Rica groups… wonderful… and then we all went to sleep in our fresh new beds.

P.S.: Grüße an alle Zuhause von Brian und alles Gute zum Namenstag Mama!!

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