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Socken auf dem Boden

Pancakes & election

Date: 31.03.19
Author: Lauryn
Position: North Atlantic
Nautical Position: 38° 24.8 N; 29° 54.4 W
Etmal: 11625 nm

My day started with a wake up call that there are pancakes for breakfast. So I hurried up to get ready and was earlier in the mess than on the other days.

After a delicious pancake with fruits, I realised that today is Sunday. I went back to bed and hoped for some more sleep, because the last nights weren’t easy for us to sleep because of the heeling, which was caused by the strong winds.

At 10:45 I got another wake up call for the weekly deep clean. Normally White Watch had to do the deck but because of the weather we should help the others with heads and showers.

I did the floor of the green mile and started to clean our room. A few minutes later Ronja came into our room and wanted to help me. We found a lot of socks as every time when we clean our room.

In my watch after lunch I was the first one on the helm. It was very hard to steer because of the wind, which was coming from the front. At 14:00 Anousch allowed us to go to the navigational class about the stability of tall ships. It was interesting to see why all the ships like Concordia capsized and sank. Then we just had one hour of watch left, which went by very fast.

Afterwards, we had a meeting for the election of the handover teams to decide which team will bring us into Boulogne. All of us prepared a presentation in each team and tried to convince the others to vote for them. Captain Sophie wrote a wonderful poem for us and we all presented it together.

This was our presentation:

Our trip started five and half months ago
and the weather was always good, because the wind did blow.
The time here on board has past so incredible fast.
So when we take a look back to the beginning,
no one thought that we would spend evenings together with singing.

Our time here on board was amazing ever since,
Also because we got to see so many dolphins.
During those months we’ve learned a lot,
also when it was outside incredible hot.

But now the time for the handover has come
and that’s pretty sad, because that means that our voyage is nearly done.

But still we have to more weeks to go
and for all we’ve learned Boulogne is a good place for us to show.
We have learned much more than just sailing,
for example to help each other out if someone is failing.

I mean if you take a close look at our group
you will realize that we are a mixed soup.
Remember that big discussion we’ve had
and now Kira and Robert are standing here without being mad.

You all know that we’re not one big group full of best friends
but that just remarks that we will give everybody our hands.

It tells you that we won’t do our own thing,
because we want that last part to be for everybody amazing.
We will have Theresa and Lauryn in the Galley preparing our food
and that’s very good for all of us because it will raise up our mood.

What the food is gonna be we didn’t yet discuss
but if you have a certain wish you can go ahead and tell us.

Even though we’re so different, in common we all have one thing
and that’s as you can see our little yellow ring.

Yellow stands for special as we all know,
we learned that in the buoyage system which was taught by Mo.
For our group, being a special does mean
that we all have developed extremely well as you have seen.

Felix came on board as a boy who was shy
but now he is a funny and pretty cool guy.
There’s another thing we want you to show
that’s how many women we have because we don’t go with the flow.

We think that all groups are on the same level when it comes to knowledge because no one of us has succeeded the sailing college.
In the end we hope that we gave you a good report
even though our preparation time was very short.

There’s one more thing which we like to add
and that’s no matter how the decision is going to end, we all love you, that has to be said.

The rest of my freetime

In the rest of my freetime, I spend my time with listening to music and had some good talks with my room mates.

For Dinner we had pulled pork, corn and Brezeln and for dessert the nice galley duty prepared cinnamon rolls. That was so good! Before I went to bed, I was sitting in the mess with Elisa, Nele, Theresa with a guitar and we sang a few songs.

This is so lovely every time. All these things I will miss, when we are back home, because this is also for me the last daily report of the journey.

Have a good sleep at home without heeling.
We`ll see you in 13 days.

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