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Pelican… we are coming

Date: 21.11.2022
Authors: Vanessa, Lina
Position: Right before Tenerife
Nautical position: N 28 55,2 W 15 53,2
Etmal: 1902 nm

Is the morning watch one of the worst?

At the moment “Charlie 1” is the morning watch. For this watch we must wake up at 05:00 am. At first all of us weren’t happy about the time but we realized very fast that we have one of the nicest watches. Why that? At the beginning of the watch, we see the stars which are so beautiful at sea and then halfway through the watch we can see the most beautiful sunrises we have ever seen before. Today we also saw some dolphins that were swimming next to the Regina Maris.

School is a wonderful thing

Today we had our second day of school at sea. We got our first grades and had to take our second Spanish test. We presented our books which we took from home. Now everybody knows what kind of books we could read on board. Presenting was very funny too. Usually if you are presenting something at home you must stand still. But here it´s normal that everybody is sliding around.

A whole day of planning

We are going to arrive in Tenerife tonight. Not only Tenerife is expecting us, but the Pelican (Ocean Colleges other ship) as well. They have arrived only six hours before us. Around 01:00 am we are scheduled to arrive there too.  This means that we will be spending our next days together with the Pelican. Because this is the first time we meet the Pelican we are looking forward to a very big party with about 100 people. Since we had heard that we are going to meet the Pelican we are planning a very nice party and ship tours around the ship to show them how we are living. We are also very excited to meet the other participants and Crew members and see how they live.

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