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Pelican’s First Novel

Date: 13.12.2022
Author: Anna
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Nautical Position: 15° 00.4’; N 049° 32.1’ W
Etmal: 4688 NM
Ship: Pelican of London

Creative Ingenuity

After being inspired by Benno, we worked together to create an amazing and ridiculous story for today’s daily report. Everyone wrote one sentence, but they could only read one sentence before theirs, so they had no idea what the rest of the story was when they were writing. I am delighted to present the Pelican’s first novel.

Today a fish died. Is this what you want your life to end up as? Actually, it would be an interesting experience to die as a fish, but will it make you happy? Happiness is sometimes defined as the trust in your own skills. So it would depend on the question, if I was a really skilled and talented fish? Maybe even if you weren’t skilled, being a fish would not be nearly as interesting as being a bird and landing on the Pelican, because the birds were alive… the fish and squid not. So if we want we can eat fish for breakfast. The other opportunities are cereals or bread. But the fish one is definitely worth trying out. Or do it like Britta who was given the dead fish right after waking up when she was about to get breakfast. At least the ones of us who care about the wellbeing of our ocean animals were able (with Dr. Ryan’s help) to save the birds.
Apparently, new studies exposed that Doctors are not disappearing when you eat an apple a day. Instead, they fall into puddles, right up to their middles, and never go to Gloucester again. Because they could never go to Gloucester again, they all together decided to go to Worcester, where they tried some soy sauce and then flew to Abu Dhabi to become oil barons. After becoming oil barons, they used all their money to buy everything they wanted. The favorite object they got was an inflatable dart board. When Simon was thrown overboard by Nicolai and Paul, they used it as a life buoy. He hoped, that he could be back on the Pelican soon, but at the same time far away from Paul and Nicolai. Though he may have unduly been attributing the odor of the holdings tanks to them.

Meanwhile, Lara is thinking about taking her daily dose of Gingerbread. Then, Hannes screamed very loud in the dog kennels. So not only the cook and the engineer were curious but also the teachers cabin with the doctor. Everyone was talking about this mysterious situation. It was so mysterious that only a few people like myself knew about it. I was not sure if I should tell Paul about it or not. I mean he has contacts to underground people. It seems suspicious to me…
Though it was midnight there were no stars. I looked at the moon, took an arrow and a bow and shot. My target was the moon.

Never Bored

Even though we have been on this ship for almost three weeks, we are still finding new things to do and definitely haven’t lost our enthusiasm. The days fly by, it feels like we only left the Canaries yesterday. 
Not a lot of new events are happening – we have really settled into life on the ship, we are so used to our sailing routine that some people have said they will be disappointed for it to be over when we reach Antigua.

All in all, we are still really motivated and enthusiastic.

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