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Penelope, I think we should tidy up a little

Date: 22.1.2019
Author: Theresa
Position: Coronado, San José

We should really tidy up and do our laundry…

However, we are lacking the motivation for it – this morning we rather went to have breakfast. I love papaya and pineapple in the morning.
Today’s classes weren‘t that special. Nele was cleaning her nose every two minutes. And Nick even stayed at his host family’s house because he had caught a small cold.

After lunch we enjoyed a dance lesson, which was definitely the highlight of the day. We were taught costarican Swing (swing criollo) and Batchata. And in the end, Ronja (because she’s the most experienced dancer among us) and our dance teacher showed us, how dancing looks like when you‘re really good at it. That was too cool!

After that, the others went to the park to have icecream and play a game called psychiatrist.

I would’ve loved to join them, but Nils, Poldi and me started working on the video. Well, even though there were some moments of desperation, especially when trying to send the videos from my Samsung phone to the iPad, I think we did a good job.

After having had a delicious dinner with our host family, Penelope and I went straight to bed.

We’ll tidy up tomorrow. Hopefully 😉

Greetings from Coronado,

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