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Pirate Day, approaching the Caribbean

Date: 04.12.2018
Author: Kira R.
Position: Atlantic 
Geographical Position: 15*25.697 N; 49*16.452W
Etmal: Nm … (Total: 4276)

After having opened my two advent calendars, one from Sophie and one from my best friend at home, I was ready to start the day. While I was sitting in class, I was worrying about the daily report and that I wouldn’t have something unique to write about, but I was wrong because here on board there’s always something happening at some point.

About five minutes later, I saw Sammo and Ben dressed like pirates due to the theme for our little ship races. Today, white watch was leading but red watch is the winner of the hearts and the races haven’t finished anyway 😉 After the race was done, we started our meeting and were talking about important things concerning the ship. Our captain Ben announced that we are going to have a movie night. We’re going to watch “Pirates of the Carribean” projected to the sails tonight – that’s something all of us are really looking forward to. 

Also according to the captain, he had hair on his dinner plate yesterday since we cut our hair and there were still some of them lying around on deck. He told me the night before on watch that the hairs were probably mine because they were dark, that they tasted good and wanted to know which kind of shampoo I’m using. Since it was our hair, it meant that Sophie, Elisa, Chregu (Christian) and I volunteered to clean them up. Having put out the fire hose, I was already soaking wet within seconds and following that, Elisa and Sophie also got a lot of water on their clothes.

Of course, we couldn’t let Chregu get away with that 😀 We were all really wet and the only person still dry was Pete, who was standing on the Poop deck, smiling down on us. We didn’t get him this time but next time we will. My shoes got wet too and on deck there are only shoes allowed covering your toes which means that I’m currently walking around in my hiking shoes while my other shoes are hanging on ropes to dry.

Also, I’m wearing hiking socks since all my others are dirty. The good thing is that its cabin no. 7’s time to use the washing machine and since I haven’t washed my laundry yet, I was able to put all the wet clothes into the maschine. 

On my way from the laundry room to my cabin, I stopped by in Elisas cabin and we decided that we are going to take a picture of our freshly-cut hair because we already made one yesterday before our hairs got cut so now we have a before-after comparison. We got interrupted by Eugenio who was on his way to Justus telling us that the white watch caught another fish.

We went up to have a look at it but went quickly back downstairs nearly crushing into Justus who ran up filled with enthusiasm. Afterwards I took a quick powernap, which is something new I’m trying, but I’m not really convinced of it yet. Currently, I’m watching the blue of the atlantic ocean turn dark with red crests of the sunset in the west.

P.S.: Danke Lena für den Adventskalender, hab mich mega gefreut!! 

P.P.S.: Tati: Liebe Mama, danke für den schönen Adventsbrief. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut. 

P.P.P.S.: Justus: Liebe Grüße an meine Familie. Ich wünsche euch gemütliche Abende vor dem Kamin und einen schönen 2. Advent. 

P.P.P.P.S.: Yesterday, you read a description of Helena. Whose might it be today? “You need help with anything? Doesn’t matter if it’s cleaning, cooking, tidying up or something else. Even if it’s not her task, she is there for helping. She really takes responsibility! When I recognize during watch that I forgot the logbook it’s already done by her. And now we changed watches together from red watch to white watch 🙂 I really admire you for that and want to thank you! PS: Niki and I already had the pleasure to cut her hair.”

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  1. A. Rauner - 5. Dezember 2018 19:27

    Kira gibt es dazu auch Bilder ? Vorher nachher ?

    Gruß Papa


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