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Plans are there to get changed

Datum: 18.11.2019
Autor: Amelie
Geografische Position: 23o48.6N, 19o39.1W
Position: Santa Luzia
Etmal: 167

Our Plan

Today we had no school because our Captain‘s Mate (Paul) and 2nd Officer Mate (Simon) made a plan that sounded really good.

The Plan said that we should arrive at 12 o’clock on the island we were meant to go to. But plans are there to get changed (at least here on the Pelican).

Our morning

Our day started with breakfast at 7 o’clock. During the breakfast we heard the annoucement: “Bracing stations, Bracing stations, Bracing stations – all hands on deck.“

So we stopped our breakfast and went on the Poopdeck to the Bracing stations.

After breakfast Pete told his Mates Jacqueline and Elena, Lilly and me what we have to do when we want to set the sails or put it down.

We started with the sails on the foremast. When we where ready with that sail the Captian told us to put the inner Jib down.

After that we started with the sail on the Main Mast. When we where on the Cours sail the Captain told us we should put the Spanker back.

The Rest of day

30 Minutes before we got lunch we put the Trysail on the Mizzenmast. For lunch we had tortilla with corn.

When we where ready with lunch and our daily meeting was done I went to bed before my watch started at 16 o’clock. When we were on watch we did the handover with the white watch.

Circa 20 minutes later we arrived at our anchor place. At 17 o’clock the Sience and the Media Pathway had a meeting. In that time the Economics Pathway stored the sails with the Crew.

At 18:15 o’clock we had rice curry for dinner. Because a lot of people on board wanted to learn how to dance, Paul and Lilly did today the first dance lesson on board.

The first class started at 19 o’clock. Followed by the second class that started at 20 o’clock. In the first lesson we learned Rumba.

When the dance class ended we danced into the night before we all went to bed because tonight nobody had anchor watch.

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