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Position: Atlantic Ocean

Author: Marietta 
Date: 15.12.2022
Nautical position: N16*32.540 W27*25.109 
Etmal: 2.661
Ship: Regina Maris 

Today, the first official day of our first Atlantic crossing started and we are all really excited what the time on the Atlantic will bring us. 

My day started with a nice Breakfast and history class afterwards. In History we first talked about „Why History?“ and about the development of the countries and empires and Christopher Columbus „discovery“ of America. Afterwards we had some individual class, that means we can work on stuff from our Homeschools. 

„How does it feel to be in the middle of nowhere?“

After lunch from our new italian cook Milo, I asked a few crewmates what they think about the crossing and how they’re feeling about knowing that they’re in the middle of the ocean for weeks:)

Marlene: „I think it’s really cool that we’ve almost got every sail set! I love my new watch time and I’m excited to learn some new things about sailing from my new watch officer.“

Rosa: „I am curious about how it feels to have no land for weeks. Maybe we will see some cool animals and I really hope we will have the chance to swim in the mid atlantic.“

Sarah: „I am exited for the crossing and the new experience but on the other hand I am a little scared to don’t know what’s up in the world for such a long time.“

Leo: „All I want is to catch a tuna.“

And Leo’s wish was fulfilled. Today we caught a really big fish and nearly all of the people wanted to see it- they even ran out of class:)

Harry Styles Party on the Foredeck 

After class and lunch, I read my book and enjoyed the view of the ocean. During that time, two of us had a nice yoga- session on the foredeck and as soon as they were finished, Marlene, Rosa, Vanessa and I started to sing and dance to loud music- we had a lot of fun. 

The rest of the day I had watch from 5-9pm and it was a really nice watch. We have seen a amazing sky full of stars and we listened to a lot of Christmas songs and danced a lot. After a nice dance with our Officer Lex the watch and my day was over. 

Maliqa: Liebe Margret, ich hoffe, Du hattest einen tollen 90. Geburtstag. Ich wünsche Dir ein gesundes neues Lebensjahr.

Marietta: Danke Anna für dein süßes Adventskalendertürchen heute<3 Ich hab dich lieb und vermisse dich!!

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