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Unsere Schüler und Schülerinnen sortieren Kaffee

Processing our self-harvested coffee cherries

Date: 28.01.2019
Author: Lauryn
Position: Coffee Farm Don Elí, San Marcos de Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Today we had the second day of our coffee production process. We woke up as usually at 06:45 for breakfast, which was really amazing: We had pancakes!!!!!!!

After a fullfilling meal we were ready for our working day. On today’s plan was de-pulping of the coffee berries. This process is shown in the video. After the machine separated the coffee bean from the pulp, the bean had to dry on so called African drying beds.

There were many different ways of processing like honey dried, natural, fully washed and semi-washed. We also saw the process of separating the outer slime skin from the actual bean, so that the final product is so called green coffee.

It is ready to be roasted or exported directly. Having learned a lot, it was already time for lunch. The tasty food gave us enough energy to go to the gym.

In the video you can see our gymnast Niklas following his passion of climbing. Joachim gave us the second lecture on the coffee process from bean to cup.

After that we enjoyed dinner and made a bonfire, as every night. Happily I went to bed with a lot of new insights.

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