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Projectleader Nicolas

Author: Caspar
Date: 10.03.21
Lat.: 37°44,4 N
Long.: 031°15 W
24h etmal: 142
Total run: 12381nm
Avg speed: 5.9
To go : 138nm

Our Projectleader Nicolas:

Nico is a 28 year old male guy who is on board the Pelican as project leader, physics and geography teacher.

He studied oceanography, meteorology and geophysics. After that he went for a few big sail turns across the world. During those turns he had a lot of time to think about how he can teach this wonderful element water.

Action on the Pelican during the crossing
Nicolas, always at the Frontline

So he decided to study again and work as geography and physics teacher to help others with those subjects and some problems they might have with it.

But he is not just doing his “normal” job on board, he also teaches us stuff like working with the sextant and he also leads two of the three pathways we have (science/ economics).

Nicolas as a doctor
„Doctor“ Nicolas at the 10.000miles-Valentines-Party

He is very passionate about the ocean and sailing and knows a lot of stuff about wind and clouds.

Sometimes he is more like a little kid than our teacher, for example when we are in physics class and he has the IPad and the Apple pen he always draws funny things with it 🙂

And a small fun fact: He bought a 18 in 1 shorts in Las Palmas and he is very proud about it.

He always was an adventure guy. A few years ago he travelled with two friends to Sweden for a kajak trip. Side fact: They have in a way now an inofficial world record for the fastest trip from the start of the river to the end.

And he already did two Atlantic Crossings so that’s his third one. He always tries to steal our deserts with the lost and found box. If he is doing a nap in the saloon we call it a Niggochen- that’s a trend now on the ship. And as we already said in the shanty: He is a very lazy ass 😉 Actually that’s not true at all, but it made a rhyme in the song.

Every Atlantic crossing to the west he shaves his beard except the moustache. His favourite words are: To be honest, I mean, weißt du and nice swell there.

He always eats peanut butter with a few oats as breakfast but only after his morning “sport”. Whenever there is a conversation and Nico is involved, it’s turning to physics, actually not every time but very often.

Nicolas with Sextant

And now a few more fun facts about Nico:

  • He has an anchor tattoo on his right arm
  • He is a good teacher
  • He was born in Bavaria
  • He studied and lives in Kiel
  • His OC hoddie was to small so now he has Manski’s
  • He has glasses but never wears them
  • He sleeps in Bunk no 4

Ok, that was my daily report and I’m very sorry if the daily figures are wrong but maybe I wrote the report two days too late.

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