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Rewinding the day

Date: 24.11.2018
Author: Elisa
Position: Atlantik
Geographical Position:16°53,338 N ; 24°59,991 W
Etmal: 79 NM (total: 2838)

Dear Readers,

we just had to say good bye to Sybille. The time she was on board with us went past way to quick. (Dear Sybille, It was great having you here! We will all miss you. Who knows I might visit you in Berlin 😉 )

Before the farewell we enjoyed a beautiful barbecue with a delicious bavarian potato salad. For desert we had apple crumble and roasted water melon. We ate on the weather and the bikini deck and Basti played his music out loud. It is actually still being played and many crew members are dancing.

Let’s turn back the time a little bit more to where I sat on the poop deck next to the hair dressing studio. Fabi and Sinan already got their hair shortened and Peer and Niklas were just sitting on the chairs getting their hair cut by Niki and Helena who were getting helped and adviced by many others.

Shortly before that we came back from Mindelo downtown where we spent the afternoon exploring and breathing in the Cap Verdian air. Most of us ended up in an Internet cafe where we were able to contact our families and friends for the last time before our Atlantic crossing.

We got back to the anchorage of the Pelican with our RIB. I stayed in the boat for all three shuttles as the „lines-woman“, but Michael allowed me to sit on the drivers seat and let me drive by my self again. I love it when the boat is floating up when giving the full speed. It is sooooo much fun! Michael even showed me how close we can get to a buoy which was really scary as we almost run over it, but exciting too!

For lunch we had gnocchi with a tomato sauce made by the galley team and volunteers who helped out because today Abbie was not allowed in the galley cause it was her birthday. We already made a plan for a surprise for her yesterday which involved many volunteers.

Shortly before 6am Poldi, who had night watch, woke Helena, Niki, Ronja and me up. Nick was already awake too and joined us in the galley where we started looking for flour, eggs, milk and butter. This was far harder as expected. Especially the butter just wouldn’t want to be found.

As you might have already guessed, we made pancakes for everyone. For our cook, whose birthday it was, we prepared a pancake-cake made out of a pancake ground, then jam, another pancake on top with nutella and a pancake lid that was covered with caramelized almonds and icing sugar. And of course there had to be a candle in it. With a big group of the crew we went downstairs and woke her up with a (not so) beautiful HappyBirthdaySong and brought her breakfast to her bed.

The morning was reserved for school where we all did individual work. I sat at the picknick table outside and it was really hard to do my school exercises because every now and then my papers were blown away by the strong wind we had.

Before lunch Fabi and I started making an advent calendars for each other. As we sat at the same table it was really hard to hide our preparations because it should be a surprise 🙂

I am very excited and feel ready to cross the Atlantic soon which we will be doing in two days time. But first we have an other special day on Cap Verde where we will get in contact with the local population.

Ship ahoy and fair winds

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