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Ruff sea with the Regina Maris

Datum: 30.10.2022
Authors: Benjamin D., Emily
Position: Französische Küste
Nautische Position: 49*53.960 N 01*26.325 W
Log: 283 M

The first watches on sea

Today was our second day at sea. We sailed the whole night and worked with our watch-system. The watch from 01:00-05:00 a.m. was really cold and we were all tired, but some of us had the chance to see a bit of bioluminescence.

It was very beautiful and nice to see a wonderful incident like that. Our watch-system worked really well and during the watches we were already able to sail the Regina Maris. We switched between the look-outs and steering.

Every hour we had to make sure, that everything is working well in the engine room and writing in the logbook.

Bioluminiscence: the generation of light by living organisms. Bioluminescence at the sea surface is mainly generated by tiny, single-celled algae, the so-called „dinoflagellates“, Bild: lizenzfrei, Newport Beach, CA, United States

On course to the north of France

We had a lot of big waves and some of us became seasick. The wind in the channel was rough and we had to use the engine instead of the sails for a big part of the day.

When we were on deck, all of us became pretty wet because the waves were flooding the boat. It felt like we were taking a shower with our clothes on.

Fortunately our oils functioned properly and kept us safe and warm. The watch from 01:00 to 05:00 p.m. had to eat the lunch on deck. It was sandwiches with salad.

A poem for the crew

On the Regina Maris we have a lost and found box. When we lose something or leave it just laying around the boat, the crew collects it and we can only get it back if we either write a poem for the crew or give them some sweets. The following poem is from Nikita and Theo:

Gedicht für`s UNO

Wir wollen jetzt das UNO
Sonst geht Larissa baden
Wir wollen’s jetzt sofort zurück
sonst hat Justus weniger Glück
Macht jetzt hinne
Sonst geht ihr alle schwimme
Wir legen noch einen drauf –
sonst schwimmt ihr jetzt Nachhaus
Wir wollen euch nicht drohen
aber wir können auch ein Loch in den Boden bohren
Euer System funktioniert so nicht
Deswegen unser tolles Gedicht

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