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Safety first

Date: 08.02.2023
Author: Sarah
Position: Bocas del Torro
Koordinaten: N 09° 19.852 W 082° 14.231
Etmal: 6316.6nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Today was a wonderful day onboard our dear Reggie. Like always we started our day with breakfast together. After a little bit of free time which I spent reading, we had our first round of safety training! We refreshed our knowledge of the lifevests, liferafts, firealarms and man over board. And do you know how they got us all together? We had a firedrill! I must say, we have been faster before but it was alright.
Actually, I forgot some of the things that we repeated today so I was very happy when Kilian taught me everything all over again. In the afternoon our safety training continued with repeating the rules with ropes again. Also here I noticed that a little refresher was not misplaced, oops.

Welcome on board

In the afternoon our new cook Damien arrived. I think he‘s nice and we all hope that we will spend happy hours in the galley with him. He‘s from the United States and has worked on yachts before.
At this point I would like to thank our Galley team from today, Johannes B., Amélie and Marvin, for managing our food without a cook, you guys did very well! Our days of cooking without cook are now finally over. 🥳


That title exactly was our reaction when we saw our Dinghy getting closer with a suspicious amount of people on board. Then we saw Ken and two of his daughters. Our excitement was so big that the Ocean College Meeting was over immediateley:) Of course we welcomed them all with open arms and Marlene, Jonathan and Justus even tried their best with giving them a ship tour (in spanish). We had a great time with them on board and speaking for me, it made me miss the jungle a little.


Fritz: An seine Mama alles Gute zum Geburtstag 🎉 ich hoffe, Du hast einen wundervollen Tag, viel Liebe von mir zu Dir!

Mia: An Lara auch von mir alles Gute zum Geburtstag 🎊🥳 ich hoffe, Du hast schön gefeiert und ich bin mir sicher, das Essen war super.

Sarah an Bienli Nini: Ich hoff‘, es lauft immerna alles guet, pass ganz ganz guet uf Dich uf, ich vermisse Dich!

Kapitän Ken

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