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Sail Cargo

Date: 19.01.2021
Author: Janek
Position: Shipyard from Sail Cargo
Geographical Position: North Pacific Shore of Costa Rica

Today we visited the organization https://www.sailcargo.org. From the campsite were we stayed, we had to walk about ten minutes.
Because of the heat (and probably because they didn´t drink enough water) many people got headaches. When we arrived we got a tour around the shipyard. We saw the ship and they showed us how steamed wood can be bent.

Then we split into two groups. The first group did a beach cleanup and the second group helped in the garden. I was in the first group. This means that I had to clean up the beach. The only problem was,  that the beach was already almost entirely clean, at least compared to the last beach cleanup we had done. But in the end we still found a little bit of trash.

After we finished our work we had lunch at the campsite. After that we went back to Sail Cargo. But some of us stayed behind, because they had had too much sun or didn´t feel well. At sail cargo we changed groups. That means the group which did the beach cleanup helped in the garden and the group which helped in the garden did the beach cleanup. So now I was in the group which helped in the garden. But before we started working the people from the organization were there, so that we could ask them questions and her are some of them:

– What´s the name of the Ship= Ceiba

– How long will the ship be= 46m, so the same length like the Pelican

– What’s the project about= “We challenge the global shipping industry to become emission-free. Our objective is to demonstrate that a for-profit company can be financially competitive, restore social fabric and respect the environment.”

– Out of which material is the vessel= It is completely out of local types of wood (except from the masts, they come from British Columbia)

– How much can the ship hold? It will hold 350 cubic meters, that equals to nine containers.

– What will the cargo be= It is planned that the ship will carry coffee, cacao, avocado oil and vanilla.

Ceiba Sailing Cargo Schooner

– How long do they still have to work, until the ship is finished= Around 30 month.

– How much does the building of the ship cost= 4,2 million US dollar.

-Who founded the project? It is founded by people from more than 20 nations.
After the questions and answers my group worked in the garden. We prepared the dry soil to get it ready to plant food. In the project they try to be environmentally friendly. They want to plant their own food because it is cheaper than buying it. Working there was a lot of fun.

At 19:00 we started our bus trip from Sail Cargo to the Pelican in the bay of Golfito. It was already dark and everyone was exhausted from the day so we all were sleeping already after a short time. We got our smartphones, that means I was able to listen to music. I liked the bus trip.
-Ich grüße meine Lieblingsschwester
-Sophia E. gratuliert Emmi zum Geburtstag

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