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Sailing lessons

Date: 15.10.2018

Author: Leopold 

Position: Port of Dun Laoghaire

Nautical Position: 53°17.8’N, 006°07.9’W

Etmal: 20 NM

I`m laying in my Cabin, listening to Lionel Richie with Nils, recalling the events of the day, that started of for Nils and I at midnight, as we were called to the two hour port watch. This sounds worse than it actually is because you have the whole ship to yourself and after a few cups of tea our mood and spirit were lifted and we were ready for the watch. Two hours later we woke up Penelope and Rene for their watch, after 15 minutes they arrived on deck and our watch was officially over. We went straight to bed.

After a few hours of much needed sleep I nearly missed the breakfast because Tabi didn’t wake us up with a song, as she had promised Nils on the day before. We spent the rest of the morning with briefings about the next six months on board. Anoush, our second mate, introduced us into the daily routine of cooking, cleaning and washing. Michael, the first officer, showed us how to navigate, communicate via radio and steer the ship. Sammo, the bosun, taught us how to properly handle ropes in the so called “bosuns half hour”. Furthermore we learned a lot of special sailing terms. For example, when you pull a rope the first person in line on the rope shouts “two six” and the others shout back “hieve” so everyone knows when to pull.

Then we, the participants, were divided into three groups called watches*, comprised of eleven people each. All watches, Red, Blue and White were allocated an instructor.

After a delicious tomato soup accompanied by garlic bread we maneuvered the Pelican out of the Harbour.

Once at sea Red watch attempted to set sail and we, the white watch, were left out of the procedure. After a couple of complications, red watch finally managed to complete their task, two hours after the proposed time limit and with the help of blue watch.

A few hours of tedious work later, all of us were delighted in the face of our cooks fantastic dinner.

Greetings to my family, especially to my sister, and my friends and school. See you in the next blog.



*watch system:

Red Watch: Ben (instructor), Helena, Kira M., Elly, Penelope, Lauryn, Niklas, Fabian, Sinan, Rene, Christian (mentor) & Niki (teacher)

Blue Watch: Michael (instructor), Tabea, Sophie, Elisa, Louiz, Justus, Theresa, Nick, Felix, Marcel (mentor), Ronja (mentor) & Miriam (teacher)

White Watch: Anoush (instructor), Sebastian, Robert, Kira R., Marlen, Tati, Leopold, Nils, Nele, Lizzy (mentor), Peer (mentor) & Christin (teacher)

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