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Sailing to England

12.Oktober 2022
Authors: Leni and Fynn
Position: North Sea
Nautical Position: 5146,5 N 002*11,7E Etmal:122nm

Vometing during Nightwatch!

At the beginning of every watch there were a few people getting seasick but after some time it got better and better.
Let’s set sails and start the great journey.
During watch our Bosun`s Mate Janice showed us how to set sails and explained how the different parts of the sails and all the lines are called. To be able to sail, we need wind from SSW but at the moment we are moving against the wind, which means no sailing. Since the afternoon, we were able to see the english and the french coast, which we will follow for the next day under engine… until we finally set sails, the moment we are all waiting for.

Cleaning and Safety!

During the morning meeting, we were explained the cleaning routine on Pelican. Every watch has to clean one of three areas of the ship (1. Galley and Saloon, 2. toilets and showers, 3. the Decks outside) every day for one week until we change exercises.
When we clean, we must not use too much water because if the floors are wet, there is a great danger to slip and fall. On a ship, keeping our environment tidy is not only a question of feeling well. It is a question of safety and protection from sickness. That is why cleaning is so important and we have to do it every day. If someone gets hurt or sick in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there won’t be a hospital.
Another very important safety rule is that we never climb onto the mast without wearing our harnesses.

Sports on deck!

To stay fit, we can’t use much sports equipment, so everyone uses different ways like sit-ups, push-ups, pulling ropes or climbing onto the mast to do at least a bit of sports.

Haircutting and new Trends!

Two of us wanted to cut off their hair. At first, they just shaved the middle of their head which looked very funny. Finally, two of them shaved their hair completely. We will see how many of us will follow this example…

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