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Schon an Barbados vorbei auf dem besten Weg:)

Date: 8.12.2018
Author: Helena
Position: Schon an Barbados vorbei auf dem besten Weg:)
Geographical Position:  013° 14.185N, 060° 13.951W
Etmal: NM

Midday, a great, big sailing ship in front of Barbados and a completely crazy crew. Without shirts and getting soaked by Pete and the firehose everybody has fun on the weatherdeck, even though they are covered with bad smelling and really disgustingly looking stuff. Wanna know what happened? It is called „Crossing the line“ baptism, in German „Seemannstaufe“ and means that the crew of a ship crossed the Atlantik.

It started like a normal meeting. All the students standing and sitting around Ben, who announced something. But suddenly the door was opened and Niki as „the dolphin boy“, wearing a blue towel, Nils’ snorkelling gear and with blue painted body comes out. After him Pete and Abbie, both wearing fishing nets, representing Neptun and his wife. And Anoush would not be our second officer, if she wasn’t dressed, too.

She actually was wearing a trash bag standing for the „marine pollution“. Rene was the first person, who had to kneel in front of the big pot of stew, where Pete emptied a full spoon of the soup from the last day over his head. After this wonderful start he needs to take a sip from a mixture of Sirup, Tabasco and Vinegar.

Except for him a few other people needed to do that ceremony, too. And that is how we come to the scene described in the beginning of this text. Because Neptun Pete took the firehose and made the whole group wet. A couple of minutes a water fight took place on the weatherdeck of the Pelican of London. After the exhausting war, everybody layed down on the deck, clean again and enjoying the Caribbean sun.

The whole day was filled with events, which pushed the mood to its highest points. Firstly, the morning started with the first black stripe on the horizon for almost two weeks. Secondly, we had a biology test, which was of course the best thing during the day. Thirdly, we had our first ,,crossing the line” cemerony and time to chill in the sun. Fourthly, for dinner we had Spareribs what actually made nearly everybody smile.

Fifthly, we had the best ,,hello”, the Caribbean was able to give us. Because when we got closer to the Island, a big group of Dolphins was swimming around the Pelican. And lastly, we had wonderful two minutes during afternoon class, because the generators didn’t work for a short time, what means the air conditioner was quiet. That is a really special thing on this ship, because you can find no place, where it’s completely quiet. We all were sitting in the mess room, listening to the silence. What a nice sound!

And now we are sitting in the mess again. Listening to some music and eating chocolate from the tuck shop. Talking about this really special day.

Now I want to greet my family. I love you to the moon and back and wish you the best of everything. And of course, all my love to my friends, also to Sonja in Australia and Louisa in Aachen.
P.S.: Viele Grüße an Familie Kunz und Jacobs von Sinan und Robi
P.P.S.: Lieber Matthias! Ich wünsche dir aaaaalles Gute zum Geburtstag!!! Feier schön!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
P.P.P.S.: Viele Grüße an meine lieben Großeltern 👋 von Nils

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