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School and Wizard Beach

Date: 11.02.2023
Author: Mia
Position: Bocas del Torro
Geographical Position: N 09° 19.852 W 082° 14.231
Etmal: 6316.6nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Cleaning and math

I think the two most hated things on board. Today we started after the breakfast with our happy thirty minutes. Then our math class took place: The good students inside and the very good ones outside. In about 5 days we will write a math test, so we practiced again “Funktionen and Ableitungen”.

Hike to the Wizard beach

As soon as this was done Jake drove us to an island near the ship. There we hiked to a beautiful beach. But the current was that strong that we were only allowed to go about 5m in the water near the beach. It was a really nice beach time and I think the first hike where we didn’t get lost but at least the way was slippery and muddy.

Trapped in paradise

Bocas del Toro is a beautiful place, the sun is shining nearly all the time, the water is clear and warm and the mood is nice. We will stay here a while longer and do probably a lot of school stuff. Now we must plan some nice things for the time we have here. As you remember we had some problems with our engine before we came to Costa Rica. The improvised solution from Martin and the Crew isn’t working so we are waiting for a new engine part from Denmark and the technician.

Doctor J alias Jakob der Dritte

Where are you from?
DrJ: I’m from the beautiful town of Augsburg. But I study since four years in the equally beautiful town Heidelberg.

Have you ever been on a ship before?
DrJ: Never longer than a day. I have never slept on a ship before.

How long will you stay?
DrJ: The plan is until Bermuda.

Are you going to puke?
DrJ: Ehh…the thing is seasickness is also a mindset thing so that’s why I want to stay positive but to be honest I could see it happening👀

Why are you here?
DrJ: I got a call if I want to work in Panama, said yes, two days later I woke up here.

Do you want to say something else?
DrJ: This is paradise. OceanCollege on the Regina Maris is a fantastic program so far every day never seizes to amaze me. But let’s wait for the seasickness;)


Sarah an Nani Vilters: iss bitte ein Pfännchen Raclette für mich mit, solange noch Raclette-Saison ist, ich vermisse euch sehr.

Amelie: Coucou Maman et Papa hoffe ihr seit gut angekommen. Je vous aime très fort<3

Mia: Sonnige Grüße an meine ganze Familie und esst an Karneval ein paar Süßigkeiten für mich mit.

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