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Science Pathway

Datum: 22.11.2020
Autor: Julius M.
Position: Atlantic
Nautische Position: 23°05,3 N, 20°45,7 W
Etmal: 121NM (3447 NM)

General information

Pathway expert: Nicolas

Students: 18
Mats, Mia, Lukas, Kilian, Fabian, Lorn, Elias, Marta, Franka, Max, Silja, Caspar, Sophia, Victor, Janek, Malina, Julius M., Viktoria

What we have done since the Science Pathway started

After we left La Palma the science pathway started.

Before that, we had the media pathway. The science pathway is the biggest pathway of Ocean College in this year. The time for the pathway is the first Atlantic crossing and the Caribbean islands. It was planned to continue until the Azores in the beginning, but it was shortened because now the sea is very calm. So we have the pathway every day now.

The science pathway is all about the ocean and what is in it or on the surface. The one thing that is happening during the whole trip is the water measurements, where we take water samples and measurements of temperature, salinity and ph-values.

They are uploaded on the science blog on the Ocean College homepage, please see the link below.

For other measurements we have a measurement device that can measure temperature, salinity and ph-values in up to 250 m depth. We also have two drifter buoys on board that will be dropped in the next days.

These buoys will then float their own way around the ocean and will send messages with information about its position and temperature, salinity and ph every half an hour for several years.

These are the measurements we have on the vessel. But we discuss at science pathway that there are other measurement ways: Stationary buoys which are small robots that float around the world.

They can change their heading actively and also can get new headings that they will steer then.

The other big part is the life under the surface of the ecosystem ocean. The big part there is to understand how it all works and what is important for us today. For that we had presentations about the ecosystem, animals, measurements…

We made an interesting experiment: We had to taste water that was salted in different ways and we had to say which one was the saltiest. The water samples were taken from different places on the voyage we did so far.

That all is now what happened the first week of the science pathway. But there is more to come. We will do more experiments and we will work with a sextant and other instruments. We will also do something about microplastic and other things.

the Science Pathway takes a water sample.

For further information also visit our Esri-Dashboard.

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