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Seasickness again

Date: 31.01.2021
Author: Marta
Position: At sea
Nautical Position: 11°12,9 N 080°07,6 W
Etmal: 115 NM (8112NM in total)

Surely we can all still remember the reports and pictures from the beginning of the journey, showing the crew lying around on deck trying not to puke, or telling you about the ships routine with seasickness. You´ll probably believe me when I tell you we were all extremely happy when   we´d finally gotten our sealegs. But after two weeks in Costa Rica and another week in calm waters and at anchorage, we were no longer used to the (sometimes) quite rough sea, and guess what: We have now started round two of seasickness!

Schülerin an den Seilen

Even the days before we started our passage to Bermuda, people were already worrying about becoming seasick, since everybody remembered the very unpleasant first days of our voyage down the English Channel. Hoping to somehow survive the next few days without puking, a lot of people took a seasickness tablet before leaving our anchorage and passing the wavebreakers. Admittedly it was already quite lumpy before reaching the open water and it didn´t take long for the first people to feel sick.

Marta im Rigg

Like when we left Emden and headed off down the Channel, people were sprawled up on the Poop Deck or sitting at the picknick tables staring at the horizon or laying their head in their arms, desperatly trying not to throw up. It isn´t surprising that they barely care about the waves coming over the side or the spray from across the Foc´s´le. In almost every cabin you´ll find somebody laying in their bed listening to music trying to take their mind off the naucious feeling deep down in their stomach.

(Although I wasn´t seasick this time I can relate to why people in this state prefer to only move from their bed for their four hour watch and then immediatly return to their bunks).

But even if for once somebody decides to leave his or her bunk no matter how seasick they are, you will mostly see them hurrying outside or below deck, tightly clutching a bucket. Waking people can be pretty amusing since you´ll probably find the one or the other sleeping while hugging their new bucket friend.

Szene in der Messe

But as bad as it may sound you probably wouldn´t realise a lot of people are unwell if you didn´t know from the start, apart from the fact they spend most of their day in bed. The only time you could really tell something is wrong is the meal times. When usually the mess should be filled with people and buzzing with the noise of 30 teenagers and the permanent crew happily chatting among each other, you´ll now find it a very empty and quiet place.

(Which is a bit sad but not all bad because the non-seasick people now have the chance to concentrate on school and work or can just relax).

Unterricht an Deck

During the watches it can be very annoying with your shipmates being seasick because that usually means less break and more work for yourself. Mostly everybody will just pull themselves together and throw up over the side before continuing normally, but you will have some so unwell that all you´ll see is a complaining heap in the corner.

But most of all during these seasick times (assuming you´re one of the not seasick people) you´ll spend most of your time checking on your shipmates, bringing them water or seasickness tablets, making sure they´ve had enough to eat and occasionally emptying their buckets.

Last but not least we´ve openend a puking contest on the white board in the mess, showing who has puked how often so far. Wether it helps or not I don´t know but the one thing I can proudly say is that the teamwork going on is amazing!
P.S. Liebe Mami, liebe Ami, liebe Clara, lieber Opa, Paddy und natürlich die lieben Mch-Hours, ihr fehlt mir alle sehr und ich hoffe das es euch allen zuhause gut geht. Ich habe euch alle total lieb und freue mich schon unglaublich darauf euch alle wiederzusehen! Dear Daddy i love you very much and miss you. I hope you´re alright and i can´t wait to see you again!

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