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Date: 23.10.2020
Author: Aurore
Position: Close to Portugal
Geographical Position: 37°47.5’N , 009°31.0’W
Etmal: 195 NM (total distance: 1578 NM)

As our third day at sea is slowly coming to an end, and the epidemic of the two non-contagious diseases that hit us, respectively seasickness and fatigue are getting a little better, I am going to present you some of the things I have learnt on this first subject that I know very (maybe a little too) well: Seasickness.

First of all : How to recognise a seasick person?
The only person to :

  • lay anywhere, in any position, at any time.
  • fix an invisible point and breathing heavily with no apparent reason.
  • rush either outside to puke or to the saloon to get tablets.
  • eat while holding their head with one hand as if it was to fall off.
  • hold a bucket like a lovey (cuddly toy).
  • whom it might be said “You puked? Yes. I´m happy for you!”.

Seasickness is like getting drunk, but with no alcohol.

Seasickness is horrible because :

  • You puke, even when you do not have anything left in your stomach (it is lovely you should try…).
  • You get your nostrils cleaned (and eventhough there is the word “clean”, it is not a nice experience).
  • Headache
  • It is exhausting (and the more tired you are, the worse the seasickness gets).
  • You actually think you are going to die.

Seasickness is positiv because : (read this carefully, it was difficult to find advantages)

  • You do not feel anything else, even if it is freezing cold, it does not matter: you are feeling too bad to realize.
  • You are going to get awesome abs!!
  • You can write a daily report about it!!!!!!!

How to survive seasickness (tested & approved) :

  • Eat, to have something in your stomach, even if you do not want or feel like eating.
  • Drink, same reasons
  • Either look at the horizon, focus on something else or close your eyes (it depends on the person)
  • Take tablets (that is not cheating, that is surviving)
  • Sing or listen to others singing (the wronger it is, the better you get)
  • Last but not least (the most difficult to achieve, due to a lack of time) : SLEEEEEEEP

How to simplify your life when you are seasick :

  • Sleep with all/some clothes, so you do not need to think when you will get up.
  • Sleep with some seasickness tablets
  • Sleep with your bucket
  • Sleep with whatever you might need
  • If you are feeling better, even a little, brush your teeth, change clothes and have a shower (if it is your shower day), do not delay it, you WILL NOT have time when you will be seasick again
  • Have lovely people to support you and bring you a glass of water (but you are on the Pelican, everyone is lovely)

It will get better (and worse again, but better at some point).

But even with the cloudiness of my head (and with the help of some tablets, I won’t lie), I still have enjoyed the nightsky during our watch from 04:00 to 08:00. Which is, by the way, the best watch because you get to see the nightsky, dawn and sunset 🙂 !!!!

And we are going to Gibraltar, we should arrive tomorrow evening (yay, LAND!!)

P.S. : Gros bisous à toute la famille et aux couuuupines. Spéciale dédicace aux collègues de papa qui nous suivent assiduement :).

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