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Second Atlantic crossing

Date: 28.2.2021
Author: Manasse
Position: Atlantic Ocean
Geographical Position: 32°45,0’N , 062°35,1
Etmal: 107 NM (total distance: 10710 NM)

Rough weather is coming

Two days ago, the big North Atlantic crossing started. The last days the weather was still not very rough, but in a few days we will get 40 knots of wind. I am not scared of this. I think our ship is good enough for this. I am exited how hard this will be. These are the strongest winds on sea that we had until now.

Auf nach Hause

How things have changed

It is a strange feeling that we are already on the way back.  The time went by so fast. At the beginning we all spoke over the time that will come when we will cross the Atlantic. Now two weeks at sea do not feel much.

That is because we spent a lot of time at sea. Slowly it feels normal to be at sea and not having a normal day like at home. In the beginning the normal day routine on the ship was very hard.

Now so many things have changed.

We are getting much more comfortable and we grew more together. We are better in teamwork, we work better together. In almost every point, we got better together.

Soon, when we are back at home, we will see us maybe only two times in the year. But there are not only bad feelings. We are looking forward for home. To have a normal day routine, having enough sleep, meeting friends, seeing your family.

It is hard to imagine how everything is at home. I think I really got better in living with people on a little space. I also noticed that my English got better. Before the trip my English was very awful. Another thing is that before the trip, I had no sailing skills. Now I know a lot more.

Adios Europe
It feels like it was only a moment ago: „Adios Europe“ will soon become „Hello!“ again.

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