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Setting sails – Direction: San Blas

Date: 10.01.2023
Author: Emily
Position: N10*53.19 W75*32.46
Etmal: 5830,3 NM
Ship: Regina Maris

First Try

Yesterday evening we departed at 05:30 pm and sailed while blowing our horn very loud out of the harbour. Directly we needed all hands on deck for setting all our sails. In the meantime, we saw lightnings in a distance.

After a while it got a little bit stormy and one of us hurt their arm rather bad. Good that we had our new doctor Barbara with us and she handled it very well. However, she decided that we need to turn around and have the arm checked at a hospital.

So everybody shouted „all hands on deck“ and rang the bell. It started to get really stormy and the waves splashed above our hole deck. We tried to take all sails down but had some issues with our course because the sheet was tangled. We hung on the buntlines and flew around a bit.

It was very exciting and in the end we could fix it and we had all sails down. Then we needed to pack the schooner and I climbed up the roof. But then Ruben decided to rather do this later in the harbour because it was very wavy and wet.

For me it was very funny though because when I wanted to climb down, a wave came and I slided all over the roof. I was fixed to a rope so everything was fine. At 09:30 pm we arrived back to Santa Marta and the doctor went directly with the person to the hospital.

Second try

At 03:00 am in the morning they returned from the hospital and everything was fine. The plan is now to continue to the San Blas Islands next morning at 08:00 am. Everything back on track with the plan to arrive there on Thursday morning. Furthermore, we had individual classes today and maths where we got back our tests. We got to know aswell that we will write a bigger math test in four days. But now we are all very excited tp continue to our journey to the La Plas Islands.

Two birthdaykids at once

Today it was both Brians and Lenyas birthday. Maliqa made them pancakes for breakfast and in the evening we sang for them. It was very warm and the waves were smooth, so they had the best weather. 

Lenya: Vielen Dank für eure Briefe! Danke für das Armband Mama. An Papa: Mein Geburtstag war genauso wie meine letzten (if you know you know). Ich ruf‘ euch so bald wie möglich an, hab‘ euch ganz doll lieb:)

Brian: Es tut mir leid, und ich habe euch lieb. Danke für die Briefe 

P.S.: An Mama und Papa, hab‘ euch lieb und vermisse euch ganz dolle ! Fühlt euch gedrückt!

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