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Setting sails

Date: 26.08.2022
Authors: Gloria and Lena
Position: Dublin Harbour

Harbour watch
We got up at 1 a.m because someone set a wrong alarm. So we got ready and met the people who had the watch before us. We were all bored so we decided to play UNO at 2 a.m. The following two hours nothing happened (except us checking the boat) so after two hours we went back to bed.

Up and over
After breakfast we started the day by putting on our harnesses in order to climb the shrouds of the main mast. It was quite cool but regardless of the fog we were able to experience the gorgeous view. It was quite nerve wracking but a good experience. We are looking forward to do it again.

After lunch which tasted delicious, we went on deck to prepare the departure. The whole crew was assigned to do different tasks including pulling up the gangway and many other things to do. A pilot named “Steve” came on board because we were in unknown waters and the ship is big. The most thrilling part was the bridge being opened especially for us. Which made us feel quite honoured. “Steve” left when we were out of the port.

Setting sails
We jumped into our harnesses and went on deck. It was a little bit difficult to pull the ropes in order to set the sails. But it was a great feeling to see the sails after our hard work. To set the staysail we had to climb the Bowsprit which was really invigorating and just amazing seeing the water underneath us.
Now at half past seven we are sitting in the mess room and listening to the others singing a song.

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