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Nele macht Liste

Seven weeks times seven days equals 49 days left :(

Datum: 23.02.2019
Position: On the way to Bermuda
Nautical position: 21° 20,4 N; 083°42,8 W
Autorin: Nele
Etmal: (total) 7981 NM

There are 49 days left until we arrive in Boulogne and gonna finish our journey. We are having many thoughts about our arrival and the time after Ocean College. But as Niki told us, it’s not over yet, the journey continues and there are still some weeks in front of us, we should enjoy as much as we can. So I decided to write the things down I wanna do or experience till the end of those 49 days. It will be a kind of bucketlist that I’d like to share with you. So let’s start:

  1. Seeing the green flash 
  2. Welcoming Pete and Captain Ben again
  3. Getting back our Bosun Sammo in good health
  4. Setting a new record for the speed of the Pelican of London
  5. Getting higher waves than we already had
  6. Surviving a storm
  7. Using a fire extinguisher  
  8. Making Lasagne one more time
  9. Understanding what Johannes is talking about in the physics lessons 
  10. Learning how to do the monkeyfist (a special knot)
  11. Getting one more time seasick
  12. Getting my Pathway-presentation done
  13. Crossing the atlantic another time
  14. Watching whales one more time 
  15. Cutting open a dead flying fish
  16. Finding the unicorn constellation in the night sky
  17. Taking part in the gig (special kind of rowing boat) competition in Bermuda
  18. Getting my schoolwork done 
  19. Writing a list with my resolutions 
  20. Climbing on every single mast of the ship
  21. Listening to some more sailor-stories 
  22. Learning how to drive the RIB
  23. Learning some more shanties
  24. Brushing my teeth on the royal yard
  25. Reading the letters that we wrote to ourselves in the Azores
  26. Laying in the bowsprit and watching dolphins  
  27. Making Pete completely wet with the firehoses 
  28. Trying to not fall out of my bed because of the heeling
  29. Letting the others cut my hair on board again
  30. Brushing my teeth in the bowsprit
  31. Waking up Sammo with cold water 
  32. Starting a coiling competition with the ropes on the weatherdeck (clear the ropes from the deck)
  33. Jumping one more time from the ship into the water 
  34. Climbing up to the royal during stormy weather 
  35. Arriving in Bermuda before the Thalassa gets there
  36. Trying to not forget the water samples for our Science Pathway 
  37. Setting my personal record in climbing an up and over as fast as I possible can (to the first platform aloft and back down)
  38. Getting one more time completely wet because a wave is hitting me on the weatherdeck 
  39. Learning to play “Cigarettes Day Dream” on the guitar
  40. Baking Brezeln one more time with Johannes Borcherts recipe 
  41. Doing a beach clean up in Bermuda
  42. Handing the ship over successfully 
  43. Trying to have fun while cleaning the heads and showers 
  44. Waking up in the night and don’t be able to go on the toilet because it’s clogged again (that didn’t happen for a long time)
  45. Watching the sunset from aloft
  46. Trying to finish this journey without being sunburned (unlike Sophie)
  47. Having pancakes for breakfast 
  48. Finishing this awesome journey with a wonderful welcome back party in Boulogne
  49. Finishing this daily report on time  

thank you to all the people, who have helped me and who have shared their ideas.

Greetings to my friends and family, it was a long time without any contact, but you should know that I’m still happy to be here and, at the same time, I am looking forward to seeing you in 49 days.

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