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Ship’s christmas

Author: Max
Date: 25th December 2019
Position: Willemstaat, Curaçao
Geografical Position: 016°33.6N/ 029°57.8W
Etmal: 0nm (wir liegen im Hafen )

Christmas songs at 32°C and in bright sunshine? A christmas tree made out of sea fence and brooms and a Santa who’s wearing a Ray Ban? We experienced all of that today as we had our christmas ceremony on Pelican’s welldeck. We just had our everyday meeting in the mess, sweating our life away, when the first mate stormed in and pointed out, that there was something strange going on outside.

Sarah und Lea Weihnachtsbaum

As we all rushed out, we saw our RIB speeding towards us, on board two Santas: Simon and Anson. Anson was wearing the before-mentioned-Ray Ban, his oilskin trousers, and a christmas hat.

Simon und Anson im Jib

Everyone, even captain Ben, had to confess one sin they comitted since boarding the ship before they got their present. Sins we committed were robbing someone else’s brownies or putting sails in the mate’s bathroom.

Frohe Weihnachten!!!

Afterwards, everyone got their secret santa presents, for example cups, handmade necklaces or an airmatress together with a nice, handwritten letter.

Anson and Simon als Weihnachtsmänner

Shortly after the ceremony was over, we had christmas dinner at 3 pm, where we had turkey with potatoes and carrots. The best thing was, that the captain acted as a waiter and served the food (that’s an old tradition of the royal navy).

In the evening Miriam made a punch, which was yellow and tasted a bit strange, but you could taste that it was punch (she said it was a Carribbean one). We ate christmas cookies and Noé told us about the jewish Chanukka.

A unique experience

In conclusion you could say, that this christmas was unique and the most different one as well. I think none of us will ever forget the view of Anson jumping on deck and asking who wants to get some coal for christmas.

P.S: Alles Gute nachträgliche zum Geburtstag Camilla und Till <3 ~ Emily

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