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Silent Night – Holy Ben

Datum: 13.12.2018
Author: Ricarda
Position: Carribbean, Dominica, Portsmouth
Geographical Position: 15°34´495 N 61°27´785 W
Etmal: 175 NM (total: 5178 Nm)

Today is the 13th of December, the official start of Christmas season on board the Pelican of London. It is also our captain‘s birthday and to make him feel more special we weren‘t supposed to decorate or sing Christmas songs until today. But Ben‘s orders left some room for interpretation, which is why – of course – Anousch had the lovely idea to decorate the whole mess with christmas stuff, like setting up a fake christmas tree, during the night watch.

However, since the Air Condition was broken, it felt more like mid-summer than Christmas time. We slept with open doors for most of the night and it still felt like being in a sauna.

At midnight a group of students sang Happy Birthday for Ben. The rest of the night went quite silent. After a normal breakfast with porridge, the handover of white watch continued. While our white watch kept us safe under their command we had a medical safety drill. They taught us how to keep someone safe that has several wounds while we were only allowed to use everyday stuff instead of medical equipment.

The casualties were (editor’s note: bravely) played by our teachers. Our watch had to save Miriam from the starboard dog kennel, where she had stabbed her leg with a screw driver and broken her neck during the fall. (Editor’s note: She is physically fine and currently recovering from the mental trauma.)

Then, finally, in the afternoon we arrived in Dominica. After a fast deep clean we went ashore and had some free time. While Ronja, Tabea and I went swimming, some others just went to the supermarket as fast as possible to buy peanutbutter.

When we returned to the ship we started celebrating Ben’s birthday. Our cook had made delicious Lasagne and we surprised Ben with a self-designed T-shirt and a special Christmas song. These are the lyrics:

Silent Night- Holy Ben

Telling us jokes, explaining us ropes,
Singing and dancing, you teach us a lot,
How to set sails and how to steer,
For those who need help you have a big ear,
You are the Pelican‘s king,
Thank you for everything!

Silent night, holy night,
All is calm, all is bright,
Round you virgin mother and child
Holy infant, so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Happy birthday, have a great day,
We all love you, you are the best.
Best captain that we‘ve ever had,
Always funny and never mad,
You‘ve got a big ego, too,
Happy birthday to you.

The evening ended with a special movie night: We all sat on the poop deck while Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was projected onto the course (sail).

P.S.: I miss my lovely Family and best friends Oda, Lillie and Kara. Tati

P.P.S.: This goes to the Pelican‘s Rapunzel! She is a lovely, funny and beautiful girl. Her prince at the Mid Atlantic Ball must also have liked her a lot so that he gave her the cutest present anyone could think of. That’s why many of us copied his great idea and made theirselves some necklaces, too! // She is a strong, independent woman who also fights for equality in discussions for example. Although she already had beautiful hair, she tried something new which is typical for the Caribbean and just looks awesome. Besides that, she is a very polite and intelligent person who always tries to help others.

P.P.S.: Yes, it was Theresa‘s and Marcel‘s turn yesterday 😉

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