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Sleeping in and dealings in Cuba

Date: 5th March 2023 
Author: Marlene
Position: Marina Heming Way, Cuba
Nautical Position: N23°05′ W82°30,1′
Etmal: 7274 Sea miles
Schip: Regina Maris

Today, we had breakfast from 09:00 to 10:00. 09:00 to 10:00!! For the first time on this entire journey, not including New Years, we were allowed to sleep in. This was especially nice for the morning- grinch-night owls, like myself. At our morning meeting we were told that we could use this day to go visit Havana again, spend some time at the marina or have some alone time back on the Reggie. Yet, before Jules, Sarah and I headed on an exciting journey to Havana, we all got the chance to buy Cuban cigars and rum with Flo- all on a legal basis of course.

A little culture spree through Havana

Soon after, we were packed, ready and jogging to the entrance of the marina. We neither had a taxi booked, nor knew were to find one. Luckily, a guy pulled up beside us in his dark- green Oldtimer, wanting to take us… initially he wanted 40 dollars for a ride to Havana- 40 dollars!! I don’t think so! To make Jacob proud of us, we negotiated the price down to 20. Our driver turned up the music as we watched the skyline of Havana grow larger and larger and making what feels like a jump back in time, when entering the unique city.

When we arrived, the three of us headed to a gigantic art market/ festival, where we walked down a huge passage full of individual artists, showing us their work and telling us all about their life stories.

The diverse styles in art, photography and jewellery truly gave us an insight on this lively culture. After buying some art pieces, we slowly headed through the city and grabbed something to eat in a cafe with a live Cuban music. We enjoyed the rest of the time wandering through the street, trying to take in as much of the culture as we possibly could. Eventually we bargained with another Oldtimer driver to get us back to the marina. Leaving the city felt weird. I know we all felt that we could have spent significantly more time in Havana and haven’t explored close to everything. Who knows if our life ever leads us back to this place? At the end of the day, Ocean College gives you a sweet little insight on a lot of incredible places, and yet, it always leaves you wanting more! 

Ghetto blaster at sunset- oldschool style

After arriving back to the marina we all gathered for a quick Happy Hour and then, with our huge Gettoblaster, headed to the peer to watch the sunset. Some of us wrote diary, told each other stories about what we’d been up to today or just sat and looked into the distance. It was a possibility for everyone to calm down and enjoy this insane moment in our lives. It’s rather easy for you to get used to this crazy lifestyle and sometimes you might forget how absolutely freaking insane what we’re doing here, on the other side of the Atlantic, actually is. Moments like these give you the possibility to reflect and put all this craziness into perspective. 

Retrieving „old“ traditions 

Later in the evening, we had our first shanty night since David left, organised by our one and only Jake the snake! I think we all forgot how much fun that could be! Singing with such a huge group, trying to puzzle together the shanty’s to the best of our abilities. With Jake‘s determination to rehearse shanties and play along on the guitar and all the officers agreeing to practice with us during their watches, I think we all see great potential in our shanty- singing- futures:)


Marlene: Liebe Grüße nach Zuhause! Kuba gefällt mir super. Ich hab‘ euch alle lieb und hoffe es geht euch super:) 

Anita: Hab‘ euch lieb! 

Anna: Moin moin an Zuhause, hab‘ euch ganz doll lieb und vermisse euch. Aber ist ganz viby hier, also passt!

Vanessa: Hallöchen, ich hab‘ euch ganz doll lieb und vermisse euch. Kuba ist echt cool 😉
Marietta: Vermisse dich Orli, hoffe, es geht Dir gut<3

Brian: Grüße an alle Zuhause und ich hoffe, ihr hattet einen schönen Abend! Hab‘ euch lieb, Grüße an alle!

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