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Sleepy Pelican

Date: 07.02.2022
Author: Ann
Position: Westlich von Kuba
Geographical Position: 22* 43′.8 N 084* 24′.2 W
Etmal: 149 (9475)

Hello, today I thought I would write about our main activity on the ship … sleeping!

In every corner of the ship you can find people who are asleep.

Our motto: Sleep when you can.

After watch, school, lunch or dinner. Just relax and calm down. Some people love it to sleep on the deck in the sun, in their cabins or even while sitting on a bench.

sleepy Jule sleeping at a table

If you wake others up for watch or school, their faces don’t look happy but then the next thought is: „Ok, well I go sleeping afterwards.“ Lotte for example is also a big fan of sleep. She and a few other people sometimes even skip breakfast to get that extra hour of sleep 🙂

Some of our favorite sleeping spots:

  • Maria: In her bed
  • Daisy: On deck with her cuddle blanket
  • Lotte: All the time in her bed
  • Luca: At the fenders

Some of our craziest sleeping spots:

  • Till & Maria: White boxes next to the wheelhouse
  • Daisy: Bowsprit
  • Helene: T’Gallant (Plattform ganz oben)
  • Lotte: Messroom
  • Yarina: Under stairs for the gangway
  • Luca: Under the Motorboat

And what happened today:

In the morning we had an extensive fire drill. In a fire drill we have to go to our muster stations. My muster station is at the at the Mizzen mast. Once everybody is at the muster station the watch leaders report to the bridge that everybody is there. However, not everybody was there.

Then we had to put on our life jackets, in case we had to abandon the ship. The engineer was our talented actor. He played the role of a casualty. He was “saved” from the engine room by the bosuns in firefighting gear. After his “wounds” were treated the drill was finished. The rest of the day, nothing special happened and the day ended with a stretching session with Marc and Laure and a pretty sunset;)

Ganz viele liebe Grüße an meine Family. Hab euch lieb und bis bald!

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