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Smooth sailing

Daily Report: 11.11.2022
Authors: Benedek,Theo
Position: Biskaya
Nautical Position: 44°01.061N 08°41.251W
Etmal: 811.5 NM

Seasickness to sea-happiness

After a beautiful sunrise, we were gifted with a calm Bay of Biscay. As the sails were set, the Reggie softly sliced through the waves with near to no shaking. The weather was great, the ocean was calm and everybody was full of energy as the warm weather slowly welcomed us into the Spanish climate. Due to the relaxed sea, everyone was feeling better and nobody was puking anymore. At around 8am a bird came by and flew around the ship a bit before finally landed on Freddy’s arm, while he was steering the ship.

Whale watching

Dolphins had been sited regularly by now, while appearing at around a two hour basis. Although whales on the other hand were a lot more rare. Today we even saw a whale that was around 15 meters large. At first we saw the spout of a whale at around a distance of 300 meters. We were all very excited and everyone came to the main deck to take a look. Lex decided that we would even steer towards the whales to get a closer look, which of course made us even more excited. This led to there being a whale right next to the boat! Excitement once again rippled through the small crowd. Sadly this whale was only briefly visiting and dove down before we could get a even closer look. Although this siting was brief, throughout the day we experience more whale spouts.

Abandoned Ship Drill

Around 1 pm we had a abandon ship drill. Everyone was woken up by the loud siren and the shouting of the crew. We we were told to grab our life jackets and muster at the muster station. It took around three minutes and thirty seconds till everyone was there.

P.S.: Happy Birthday Bruderherz – Jule

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