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Something unexpected…

Date: 22.11.2018
Author: Elly
Position: Atlantik
Geographical Position: 17°49.103 N 24°05.783 W
Etmal: 2759NM

When I woke up this morning, I realized that it is 22nd of November and thus my turn to write this daily report. I had already worried about that, because I expected a beautiful but not really exciting day like the days before.

But already during our Watch (from eight to twelve am) very special things happened.  We saw several seams of flying fish. I don’t know, if anybody has described this spectacle in an earlier daily report, but it looks beautiful.

These tiny, skinny fish, shining silver in the morning sun, jumping out of the water and floating incredibly long on the water surface. For some time, we were accompanied by a smart bird, that catches the fish while they are flying, but took off, as soon as Christian started his drone. Later that morning Kira M. and me became official “Pelican Monkeys”. The view from the very top of the Mainmast was great.

After lunch during Happy Hour, we all set our clocks an hour back in time. We now had one hour  on top “where everything could happen” (captain Ben). First practiced the “man over board”-manoeuvre. Sammo was the hero, who rescued the buoy, wearing a trendy kind of wet- floating-suit in a bright red like the lifebelt he was rescuing together with the buoy.

I think this suit was supposed to keep him kind of dry, but I’m not quite sure. I wouldn’t have called him “dry”, as he climbed out of the water. Then we were told to handle every single sail, wich we did. After that, we all stood on the weatherdeck a bit confused and waited for something to happen or an announcement that we weren’t needed anymore.

We didn’t stand around a long time because suddenly Ben threw away his shoes, ran to the railing and jumped over board. Then Peet and Sammo followed. „No, this isn’t happening!”, Anoush shouted, ran after and jumped in the Ocean too.

Then we all realized what was happening and most of us also went swimming. A bit later almost all of us were in the water, most of us were still totally dressed (like me). It was great. The water was incredible warm, but especially incredible if you think about the fact that there were more than 3000 metres of water underneath us.

We swam and had fun until Penelope discovered a little transparent blue jellyfish. Kira R. and Sophie were the first two who were bitten by these mean guys. After these two several others followed and Mike took thorough care of them. We catched two of them and together with some kind of snail they were examined by Lizzy. We called them Ben (my purpose), squitty one and squitty two (Bens purpose).

Probably attached by the noise we made as we swam we were visited by a few dolphins but they disappeared again as we got out of the water. We got dry and came back to ships routine.

At fourteenhundred school started. We learned something about the death-zone in the gulf of Mexiko in Chemistry and I worked on my presentation after that. For dinner we had curry with chicken and a beautiful sunset.

After that we met in the messroom to discuss the housepoint system and the sundayfundayevening-to-saturdayevening thing. Tomorrow we will probably arrive at about ten am in Cap Verde. Now I am sitting here, looking foreward to discover a new country, a new culture and new people but especially my bed… Goodnight to everybody!
Love, Elly

PS: Peer wishes his father a happy Birthday
PPS: Nele: Hi mom, dad, Nick and Lisa, if you believe or not, I went swimming in the Atlantic even tough I was really scared! But hey, I am still alive and I think I’m going to do it again.
PPPS: Greetings from Sophie and Kira R., they are still alive!

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